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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


Just saw my wishlist… oh dear. My bank account is already in tears. :sob:

edit: I’m just gonna play Dark Souls III and look at the sale later tonight.


ps, how many so far fired up a clicker macro for this? :joy:


Minit was a price error… I couldn’t get it on time, it’s now only 10% off… this sucks…


Oh Knoessssssss! :exploding_head:That was going to be my ONE buy. Let me know when the dust settles…


i wonder how many managed to get it during discount mixup :thinking:


Well, good that some people got it, I am sure… I still can’t get to my cart…

The woes of hitting the initial tides of a sale while still at work… :confounded:



Here’s your Portal bundle (93% off):


if i could, i’d buy gift it to ya, but since i already own it, steam wont let me purchase it again :confused:

(and i’m getting an “error” every half sec on a webpage, so looks like i won’t be doing or buying anything for a couple of hours at least, and the client is completely down lol)


I am going to step away from Steam for a while, so I can focus on work… Probably will check back in about 24 hrs later to see if I can play the summer sale game, etc…


I’m reaching the point where honestly, there aren’t too many “out” games I want… none that urgently come to mind, at least. I’m kind of just waiting it out for BioMutant, Soulcalibur VI, Darksiders III, and Psychonauts.

I suppose I’ll pick up Undead Development, Castlevania LoS (maybe), Parkitect, and maybe an extra copy of Metal Gear Survive if the price is right. I’m sure there’s another game I’m interested that I just can’t remember at the moment. Thimbleweed Park still looks great, but I still feel like I need to play the Monkey Island games first now that all four of the classics are available on GOG.


Good choice! I 100% support your decision!


was just about to say if people had seen the “latest” monkey island release on GoG :blush:


There’s one person in particular who needs to know.

It’s back!

I loved Grim Fandango, so I’ll be checking this out too. I was a little worried that the janky GRIM engine would be a mess on modern systems, but I haven’t seen any reports of this yet.


I’ll focus on Bethesda games, I’m in the mood for some Doom and Prey. Maybe The evil within 2.


Damn, that sucks. I wish I would have bought it the “minit” I saw it at that price :sob:

Though it probably would have taken at least an hour to check-out, at which time the price would have been fixed.


I’ve had a copy of Portal sitting in my inventory for years. PM me if you want it (you’d either have to add me as a friend on Steam, or give me an email address to send the gift to).


i wonder if this game is broken? i see 0 progress being made on the map, same amount of tiles still remain unclaimed or whatever,
i’m getting xp, but the same amount of xp everytime, and no matter what the progress bar on a tile doesn’t move, seems so weird :confounded:


I will have to wait some time to see what the fuss is all about… hopefully they fix whatever issue it is that you are having though…

  1. budget this time around is going to be around $50 USD or less.
  2. basically what ever is on my wishlist.
  3. No i kind of learned that the hard way i spend money on games that i put in less then 10 hours in and might not ever touch again, so i know which genres to stay in that i know i would eventually play.
  4. I always get all of my games on steam but I might save some money to check out sales on Humble or GOG.
  5. Will do.


Moonlighter is not on sale