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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


Steam Store won’t load again… I guess the initial rush is still ongoing…


  1. I’m giving myself between $20 and $40, depending on what’s left over after I pay the bills out of tomorrow’s paycheck. I’ve gone nuts in previous sales, but for this one I’m only going to buy stuff that I know I’ll play in the next month or so.

  2. Nothing in particular. I figure I’ll just check and see what’s on my wishlist and go from there.

  3. If something in the daily sales listing catches my eye, I’ll give it a look. Otherwise I’ll probably stick to genres I know.

  4. Nah, if there’s a sale going on somewhere else I’ll usually check Steam to see if it has a similar price, and just buy it there.

It’s worth noting that the GameDeals subreddit usually has a pretty good breakdown on each day of the Sale for deals that show up. Here’s the first day thread:

  1. Let’s pretend I don’t have a budget since I always go over it anyway…

  2. I’ve been thinking of the don’t starve + oxygen not included :smiley: and probably a bunch of other cheap ones.
    Definitely spoiling some friends though and that’s the most exciting part :smiley:

  3. Maybe. Who knows? I have a couple games out of my comfort zone on my wish list.

  4. Steam! For now. Because trading cards xD


This is my current cart… kind of scary looking…

I am not sure if I should spend this much on day 1… fortunately I have so much time to think all of these over, so I am not pulling any triggers yet, will give it some thoughts over the weekend…

This is after I took a few off… :blush:


I’ll personal vouch for Dust and Rogue Legacy, really good games. Torchlight is pretty good too, if you like arpgs. Looks like overall solid choices to me.


Thanks Fraggles! :slight_smile:

I am not pulling the trigger yet because I might not be able to justify buying any more if I buy so many suddenly…

I am going to wait to make sure that there are not any exchanges I want to be sure of.

By the way, anyone open this yet? Get any exciting thing out?

Since I still have error pages every other time I click on the store, I am going to wait a bit longer to open mine…


It’s visual items to dress yr alien with in the sales game…


Opened mine

what i got

Clothing options for the summer game Saliens



I love how I’m such a Monkey Island addict that 3 completely unrelated people tagged me/PM’d me about this.

I see I am building the right reputation in front of my minions.

Guess I’ll have to wait for this addition to my crack-head life to get a discount at GOG. I’ll tell Stan to remind me of any crazy deals on it.



Yo, @Enki, I love our contry, man. I really do.

We are all so warm-hearted and stupid. It gives me life.

Yeah, I’m double posting because my love for Brazil’s nonsense deserves it. Plis leave me alone, oh kind mods.



did you peeps notice; the “Spring Cleaning Box” -this could still be useful… after opening? :rofl:


I just opened my box:

What I Got

Gnuffi seems to be right, this is a reusable box!


y, it’s actually a piece of clothing for your Salien…

oh jolly


i’m having plenty fun with this clicker game :wink:, -and i’m a total sucker for character dress-up, so this is just down my alley :blush:

ps i’m itching to open the box, but i have this disturbing thought in the back of my mind it might be saved and used for something else later, god i wish they would just make this stuff idiotproof, :confounded: -“i gotsta know!”


I agree, it is pretty fun, I just wish I could play it without crashing errors.


what crashing? browser or steam connection issue?
if you are playing in client, i can’t recommend enough you switch to browser btw, the client is is just arse atm, at least mine is, browser is much better


My game crashed midway through, on browser… third wave… :cry:


haven’t had a “game” crash in a little while on my firefox, -still happens constantly on my client tho :confused:


So the box was full of alien clothes…


Beyond that, cool that they brought back a mini-game that can potentially score people games. I know I probably get anything, but I think that’s really cool of Steam to do. I just hope it isn’t possibly for people to bot it or something. That’d be so wrong.

As for deals, if anyone is looking for suggestions, make sure you consider getting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Alien: Isolation. They are wonderful games! And right now, they are at great prices!


also, people, don’t forget to pick a group to represent :white_flag: (i picked the “steam universe” group because it seemed so fitting for this lol) :blush: :smile: