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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


How do you make it the group for the mini-game? The instructions only tell you to follow a group. I’d love to represent my own group…to dominate the world! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


click the White flag on top of your alien’s jar/glass bubble thingy, :+1:


Ah! Thank you so much Gnuffi! :blush:


Their offering is also limited. The only real reason to use them is because of the coins you get with purchases which you can then to buy games again. So suppose a game you want is 50 euros on steam and 50 on there. On there you would also get I think 5% back as coupon/wallet kinda. But I think this is also for Humble Bundle, so you might as well stick to them (Especially if you have monthly).


This should definitely be your minigame group… just sayin’. :wink:


I did that at first, but I am not sure how this event works. Like who conquers the tile? Because if it’s most hours/kills or something I would just join the biggest group like Steam Universe. Conquering the tile/planet gives better win chances right?


It may just be there to show “big groups” helping out (PC Gamer, Rock Paper “bad-journalists-we-don’t-talk-about”, etc.) as a sort of advertising space. Who knows, honestly? Valve probably doesn’t even know.


Nope, it is stated that the only thing that affects your win chances is how much time you spend on a world.


joining a group doesn’t increase your chances of “win” in the sense of the giveaway, it only gives the final “conquered planet” flag (which i assume might connect to the steam profile thingy they mention with the “kep your salien after event”, like a badge or something)
and i’m guessing tiles are won by amount of players/wins-kills, most tiles = whichever group conquers planet, that’s all
to win the game giveaway, it about your “time spent on planet” (which is automatic after joining), representing a group does nothing to improve that or anything substantial outside the “honour”(or potential salien customization)-at best


Definitely fighting for the Chrono group.

I just have one question about the mystery box…


“This can’t be undone…”

Is there any reason I shouldn’t open it? It seems odd that there’d be a warning.


You see Gnuffi, you beat me to the post once… Now I have devoted my life to seeing you replying to a thread so I could beat you!

Luckily it didn’t take too long so I may now put down my arms and return to the quite life in the hills of the forum, my honor avenged.

@GanbaRANGER I don’t think there is any penalty, it simply opens the box and gives you 2 set outfits and 2 other random outfits…



i don’t know, but that’s the same thing that caused my “fomo” paranoia, so i decided to not open mine and see what happens… but i’m guessing i’ll be disappointed and nothing will come of it :smile:


That’s like the easiest thing ever; he usually takes like 3h to finish a post :rofl:


“once in a blue moon the gnome moved quick’ish, -the stuff of legends” :smirk:



Got to level 5 in the space game but i’m already sick of it even with an autoclicker. Besides, what’s the point when you know that there’s only a handfull of groups that can actually compete for a tile.

I’ve gained so many free games since the Winter sale in addition to the already big backlog of games i’ve bought in the past that i have no motivation to buy anything. I was hoping for a great deal on Viscera Cleanup Detail but it’s only 50%. I’ll just wait for it to show up in a bundle.


meh, completely disconnecting/crashing now in browser :confused:guess that’s it for tonight then


Buying it currently :star_struck:


well, having so much fun playing Quake Champions that I’m getting myself Doom as a result :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The gameplay is so enjoyable that I can see myself doing it in single player too…


I oddly had fun with it too. I was dominating everything on my first match and it was insanely satisfying to see hostiles “splatter”. :laughing: Of course, the flashy colors soon made me very sick and I had to quit, it was surprisingly very fun.