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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


@coralinecastell :blush:


Just FYI, Idle Daddy (the idler that I use on mobile) has as function to roll through your discovery queue and get you the cards without you needing to do anything at all. You just tell the program to cycle through the queue, and the cards just pop into your inventory…


what are some of the game you people got so far? i havn’t got anything yet but i do got DOOM & RUINER in my cart and a few dlc but havn’t pulled the trigger just yet going to wait and maybe add another game or 2 before i buy them.


So far just these, I decided to split my cart up and buy things I know I definitely want now, and keep thinking about the rest for the next 2 weeks…


Oh boy, you’re really gonna like Dust! Awesome choices. :blush:


That’s an awesome deal on Super Meat Boy!


All games I have looked at for a while, and with these prices, it just didn’t seem like I should pass on them. :slight_smile:

Indeed! :slight_smile: I know it’s an old game, but I am glad I finally have it. :smile:


:thinking:, depends, doesn’t it come with an extra controller for when one loses patience with the “precision” jumping ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (or one’s lack there of) :smile:


So far I got 20xx + dlc, dust an elysian tail and underrail in my cart right now. I haven’t bought anything yet I’m in conflict with myself whether i should buy more stuff or play a bunch of other good games i bought and are just sitting in my backlog from last sale. The struggle is real my friends.


I said my budget was R$20, and guess what? I closed the deal at R$19,90!

Feeling like a boss. Got:

  1. The Fidelio Incident, 90% off (all-time low) - R$ 1,99
  2. The Majesty of Colors Remastered, 50% off (all-time low) - R$ 2,24
  3. Human-powered spacecraft, 70% off (all-time low) - R$ 1,34
  4. SPACEPLAN, 50% off - R$ 3,14
  5. Stephen’s Sausage Roll, 80% off (all-time low) - R$ 11,19


-yea i had to click/look that up to check what i was actually seeing there :smile:


Stephen’s sausage roll is a game I’ve heard is great if you like that kind of game. Probably something you’ll hate if it isn’t your niche.
Good video about it, timed to skip over a few channel news stuff. If you think you’ll like it after the first 4 minutes it’s probably all you should watch.


Here’s just the reminder to get your 6 cards for today, 3 from the game, and 3 from the discovery queue!


Wait, you get 3 from the game too?
Damnit I really don’t want to play this shit.


Hm… so Reflex Arena is $5, or $15 for a 4-pack. It has a low player count, but always seemed like a fun game. It’s a successor to Q3A with a fairly light artstyle (simple and clean geometry and textures with some nice modern lighting), and I believe it has some QoL features such as auto-hopping.

Any fellow ex-Quakers here interested?


Yes, but all you need to do is start a game, let it sit for 3 seconds, refresh page, start another, refresh, and start another for the quickest way to get your cards.

Or you can start 3 games and just idle them, they are 2 minutes each.

Good luck!


After coming to terms with the fact that I would not be getting Minit for $2.49 :sob:, here is what I ended up buying:

It was only 20% off, which goes against my minimum 50% off policy, but it’s a fairly new game and I can’t imagine it going on sale for much less anytime soon. I’m a big fan of turn-based strategy games and, after having read/watched review after review proclaiming this to be one of the best strategy games in recent years, I could no longer resist. It also just so happens to be made by the developers of one of my favorite games of all-time, FTL.

Just recently discovered this game. Looks to be cross between Paperboy and Skate or Die, both of which I enjoyed back in the day. I’m also a sucker for anything 80s, and this game appears to be oozing with 80s nostalgia. For $1.19 (50% off) I tossed it into my cart like you would a pack of mints or a candy bar at the checkout line.

I first remember hearing about Marvin’s Mittens on an All Gen Gamers podcast circa 2012 (what ever happened to those guys?). I’d completely forgotten about it until @hivefleetbothan posted a coupon for Pizza Titan Ultra here, which is made by the same developer. I’m typically not a fan of these no-challenge, leisure exploration games, but damn, this game is really adorable… and it’s only $1.19 (80% off). In the midst of this hot summer weather, Marvin’s Mittens may be just what I need to chill out with. Who knows, it might even replace Christmas NiGHTS: Into Dreams as my go-to holiday game.

It is on Fanatical. $15.29 with the code Red10. Pretty good deal on what is essentially a brand new game.

Though I’m guessing it won’t be a good deal for you, with the whole Brazilian currency conversion thing.

Some great games you’ve got there @YQMaoski :+1: The only one I haven’t had a chance to play yet is DarkMaus. But it’s Dark Souls as a mouse… how can that not be awesome :man_shrugging: :smile:


Sounded nice right up until the loot boxes. All cosmetics I might accept but for some strange reason I see loot boxes somewhere it just casts a real shifty light on the whole thing.


It’s a great game for sure… shame it never actually made it out there with the death of the arena shooters in general the past 10 years. It always reminded me of Warsow, but I’m too old now to tryHard in such games… and there’s no chance I will play something I wouldn’t tryHard in :smiley: The chances you will have no one to play with are 100%… :confused:

Toxikk might be your cup of tea… it’s not as fast paced, cuz it’s more Unreal Tournament style based game… I never played it, but it has a bit bigger playerbase and it’s F2P right off the bat… How their model is working I have no Idea but the trailers claim NO LOOTBOXES as a feature :smiley:


A whooping 64 BRL, almost twice the regular price on Steam. Yeah, you are correct :sweat_smile:
I’m just mad that some retailers got sales before the game launched on steam (although not good for my currencry), and when it did there wasn’t even 10% for launch. Guess it’s going to be a 2019 game for me.