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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


I was thinking about mentioning TOXIKK, but refrained for some reason. It’s a great successor to Unreal-- think Unreal Tournament 3 with a mix of 99/2004 gameplay elements. It feels incredible to play and has the same kind of customization and depth that made Reflex Arena seem appealing.

The trailer is still mostly accurate. It also said “No F2P…” which, uh, isn’t 100% true anymore. You can now play a “free version” of the game that’s capped at Skill Class 8-12 (with 1 being highest and 12 being lowest) and lacks free-play options. Sadly, it gave a lot of people the wrong impression about playercount, and I wish they would remove this restriction if only to make sure people can get into a game.

It also looks… just… amazing. It has this futuristic aspect to the graphics that I loved in LawBreakers, but any maps like this keep a simple and minimalist look. If any objects are clustered enough to catch your attention, it’s probably trying to convey crucial map knowledge. The fact that an indie studio made it on a last gen engine… well, you could’ve fooled me.

The animations are smooth, movement feels seamless and Unreal-y, and the advanced mechanics aren’t far-fetched in the slightest. Bethesda should take notes on how to properly bring back a genre.

If anyone’s down for TOXIKK, I’d be happy to play you.


I actually have Toxikk already, the “full game dlc” even. I think I traded for it with someone here when a 2 pack was on sale. Never got around to try it though. Happy to give it a whirl if anyone want to have a go though.




Thanks for this…I missed yesterday…Oh well. Easy come; easy go.:nerd_face:



I bought 15 games in the sale for about $127, 11 of which were from my wishlist. Of which I currently only have 29 items left in it…until I go through another wishlisting spree :stuck_out_tongue:

Monster Prom 15%
The Letter 33%
This War of Mine - The Little Ones DLC 50%
WILL: A Wonderful World 15%
Slay the Spire 37%
Stories Untold 75%
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 40%
The Turing Test 70%
My Lovely Daughter 20%
Backstage Pass 45%
Game Dev Tycoon 50%
The Detail 80%
Never Alone 80%
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Collection 75%
Nancy Drew®: Alibi in Ashes 40%

I spent a bit more than I wanted to, my budget was 100 and I should have stopped when I got it to 97, but no…I just had to go through steams recommendations for me and found two games to interest me and bring me over budget…hiss


I have actually made money so far. Purchased 0 games and sold 5 Summer Sale cards. :smile:


I’ve been fighting myself, and a few friends, trying to figure out if I should get Just Cause 3. My laptop may not even be able to run it buts worth a shot. Do you guys have any insight.
I think one of the main reasons I’m actually considering it is this video.


I just wanted to warn everyone… I bought Siralim 2 for myself

I have now spent 8 hours on it, and although it is super fun, I have the sneaking suspicion that I will invest a ton more hours into it, and I don’t necessarily have that kind of time.

I would give it two thumbs way up, but I can’t take my hands away from the keyboard, gotta get enough resources to hatch the numerous eggs I want to spawn. (To do so though I have to fight monsters where I will capture more cores that let me summon more monsters that I will want to make eggs with, making more eggs that will require more resources…)


Funnily enough, Gnuffi’s spent 8 hours on Saliens. Guess who’s had more fun?


so far my calculations/ITAD/“wishlist glance” looks like this


Venetica: 1,40£ = 1,6€

Fall of LIght: 3,63£ = 4,14€

Dead Cells: 10,19£ = 11,62€ -FULL PRICE: !DISCOUNT DOESN'T APPLY!

?Antihero: 3,63£ = 4,14€ -FULL PRICE: !DISCOUNT DOESN'T APPLY!

?pillars of eternity season pass?: 11,99£ = 13,68

!!!+20% discount summer code JUNE20	!!!


Lethis Path of Progress 4,99$ = 4,28

!!+10% discount summer code RED10	!!


Terrior: 4,49€

Adam's Venture Origins Special Edition: 2,29€

Diluvion Fleet Edition: 3,74

Castelvania Lords of Shadow 2 Digital Bundle: 5,99€

?Eador Imperium: 3,99€

?Bayonetta?: 6,79€
?Vanquish?: 6,79€

??Invisible Inc???? 4,99€

???Phoning Home??? 4,59€
=36,46€ (after discounts/coupons/vouchers) -without "?"X

ALL "?" =+44,97€'ish

I haven’t yet browsed through the “newest”/recent top+new high discounts, or done any casual browsing, much less any potential “spur of the moment” game or wishlist glances/browsing, so things might still change a bit ofc too

but i’m in no “rush” either, as how the sale prices lasts/“stick” for the next 10+ days
-so who knows what other/extra deals might come up or how prices might even get lower some places? :thinking: :yum:
maybe Chrono even got something cooking coming up in the next couple of days that changes things around @lonin ?? :wink: :open_mouth: :blush:

wait, how do you know i spent 8 hours on that game?! :dizzy_face: :eyes: :fearful:
-and the answer is obviously me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, i mean, who wouldn’t have the most fun just sitting there idly moving a mouse up and down while listening to music ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile: (i really hope i didn’t actually spend that long on it lol)
Edit: -further calculations done on the subject claims i’ve only spent 6½ hours on the game :wink: :smirk: (but with gnome mafs maybe who the heck really knows) :blush: :joy:


That video made me unsubscribe from NerdCubed. He sold me on it being this amazing successor… it’s a fiery trash-heap that butchers everything I love about 2, which apparently was made by a different developer that had nothing to do with JC2.

JC3 is an abomination. Pick up 2 instead.


ahh bummer, seems Greenmangaming’s actual list of discount code exclusions are rather large this time, and does seem to entail some of “my entries”, ITAD forget to mention that to me :confused:, oh well :man_shrugging:
-always look around for “the fine print” +confirm before making final decisions :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :persevere: :smile:


I unsubscribed years ago, quite soon after subscribing, cuz i find him way too irritating, all he does is shout and i rarely heard him say anything rly useful, same with Markiplier and his Irish friend back in the day when i first discovered them


You’ve almost pushed me to not getting it, but I think this is my kind of game.
I dislike shooters, this is not a shooter. If you play this game expecting a good shooter, your not gonna get it. This game is about creativity, destroying stuff with your grappling hook. It is no GTA V.
I feel this game is only meant for a couple type of people, and that’s why I must try it myself.
I don’t want it to seem like I’m discrediting you, because you did give me a good push in the opposite direction.
But my intrest in this game is stronger.
And I’m quite stubborn :expressionless:


dang, :confounded: did anyone notice how this humble monthly unlocks juuust the day after the sale ends? :triumph:
-any bets on “duplicate” overlap in purchases made during the sale/bundle? :thinking: :man_shrugging:, think i’m gonna give the “purchase” window a couple of extra days to not be so close within then 14day refund window, “just in case” :wink: :smile:


My actual suggestion was to play Just Cause 2 instead. The big issue with JC3 is that it lacks any kind of substance or challenge. JC2 is further into Eurojank territory, but the more interesting and diverse world combined with some amazing faction side-missions make it all worth your while.

The real Avalanche went on to make Mad Max, and nothing screams irony like a deserted apocalyptic wasteland having more life than a Mediterranean island.

Speaking of which, that was another bit that really hurt about JC3-- badass Hispanic Rico was removed in favor of a less interesting fake-Italian Rico. It felt like a completely unnecessary change and highly disrespectful to the source material.

Mad Max is quite good, and while I hate Bethesda, I may take a look at Rage 2 if only because the real Avalanche Sweden is working on it.


every single sale i keep hesitating on whether to buy it or not; $5 seems like a great deal for that game, but the question is if it rly has enough substance or whether it’s just rinse and repeat all game long


Oh, Mad Max is a lot of rinse-and-repeat. For someone who likes JC2 though, there’s plenty of mechanics to keep things fresh.

The “Fury” mode you go into during fights is also glorious. I haven’t seen RKO’s and suplexes so pure since Resident Evil 4.


Checked out mad max and spotted this:

Are you quite sure about that steam? Those two games REALLY similar? Cause Eidolon is a pretty boring walking sim, exploration with a hint of survival to it, bit of a mystery maybe. But the slow pace and quite boring scenery didn’t make me care to find out if anything even was going on.

Edit: Mad Max still has denuvo in it. They actually tell you on the store page, so propps to them for that, but still might be easily missed. Just in case anyone cares… I do.