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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


man, the Ferraris and Lamborghinis were just around the corner from where you were


Crap, completely forgot to drop the warning. WB Games is atrocious, and they love Denuvo. Good ol’ Laptop loved to bash people over the fact that there was no store page warning, telling everyone “hey, you have to agree to an EULA, so they don’t need to warn you!” I read that EULA. No mention of Denuvo.

Download Ubuntu, make a tiny partition, and play it there. Save for a really weird glitch in the opening cutscene, the Linux port is serviceable from my experience.


apparently it’s Denuvo free on Origin of all places?? :thinking: :man_shrugging: (according to those Denuvo Games group guys on steam)


I am now eyeballing that Valve compete bundle… Curses!

@Nateninja21, I am looking at Just Cause as well, but maybe 1&2, based on what people are saying here…


I think I know where there coming from, but I think the main reason people should buy just cause 3, is because the wing suit, and the unique attach and pull with the grappling pull. That neither Just Cause 1,2 have.


I went ahead and got the complete Valve bundle… I am disappointed that I paid more than I should have, because I bought a few components individually, then I decided to go in and buy the full bundle, I had the portal 1 and 2 games. The rest cost me a collective 16 dollars. And if I had not done the individual purchases, it would have been 15 for the whole bundle. Instead I spent about 19 dollars, but that’s okay I guess, I can live with it.

I bought also:

They Bleed Pixels
Seasons After Fall
Back to Bed
The Bridge
Rogue Legacy
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Super Meat Boy

Everything altogether has cost me the price of a AAA title full price ($60 USD), so I can’t really complain…

I think I might have to have a hard cutoff for myself at around $100… I am already over my budget… And I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next Humble Monthly doesn’t unlock duplicates of what I am buying now…


(still not pulled the trigger on anything)
-i’ve updated my potential considerations to include a few more, (for various/different reasons, not all pertaining to high(est) discount on these), the new additions to my “thinking about it”-list are:

+ Keen Dreams: 1.24€
+ ?Downfall 2,74
+ Into the Stars: 3,99
+ ?Legend of Dungeon? 3,49€ 65% off (2x old cheapest price)
+ ?Medal of Honour Airbourne? 2,49€ ?
+ ?DeathSpank? 2,49€
+ ?Child of Light? 5,09€
+ ?The Evil Within? 4,99€ +Season pass 5,99€ ?? Total 10,98€
+ ?Aliens Colonial Marine? 2,99€ 90% off?
+ ?Oceanhorn monster of uncharted seas? 5,99€
+ ?Mars War Logs? 3,74€
+ ?Rogue Legacy? 2,99€
+ ?Prince of Persia Warrior within? 3,39€
+ ?Rise of the Tomb Raider Season pass? 8,39€
+ ??Darkest Dungeon (reg? no Ancestral? discount/humble version "upated"?)? 6,89€reg - 21,80€-Ancestral on Steam

if any of you have any thoughts on or opinions about these games; feel free to share them with me :+1:
(i’m well aware of “aliens colonial marines”, it’s just “90% off!”-discount pull) :blush: :smile:


I have Don’t Starve Together. Should I buy Don’t Starve single player with DLC’s?


Take a good look at what this contains first, most of it is just shitty cosmetic items. I think there’s 2 maybe 3 pieces of actual content on offer and they’d likely be cheaper to buy alone.


it’s not, there are 3-4 content packs, depending on whether you consider endurance mode part of that (think it’s needed for achievements tho too unsure), at 2,99 each, so that comes out to 8,97/11, 96 just for those :wink:
(damn squeenix is good at calculation that stuff)

my only “real” concern is the actual value of the content+“price/discount over time”, since usually the tomb raider content dlc are rather lackluster vs price, (opinions vary on these) and “discount”, since sqeenix has been holding fairly steady on these “low” discounts on RoTR, with 70% being the highest it seems to get, usually 67%…
so it’s more of "oh dear is this bs gonna roll down in discount and get even “more expensive” (if i don’t just accept the 70%)
-and humble couldn’t even confirm whether or not their season pass got updated to include the 20yo anniversary content that steam’s do, (tho even with humble monthly discount their 67% still only matches this)… so it’s mostly a case of nagging thought in the back of my mind “ya snooze ya lose”-on this :confused:
(hence why it’s so far down on the list, since it’s not one of the more “immediate” considerations)


Gnuffi, that list looks pretty good… I had Child of Light in and out of my cart a couple of times already too, just couldn’t pull the trigger for myself.


Well, folks looks like the algorithm boys are at it again, lets see how they justify this one:

Glad someone else has a silly ‘steam recommendation’ story too.


You funny. I laughed out loud hahaha

Ugh, ok, I don’t want to be that girl, but I absolutely hated the living hell out of this game. Then again, for starters, I don’t like platformers. But listen, when you get to the last puzzle, PLEASE USE A GUIDE/WALKTHROUGH, I promise you, it’s infuriating, it’s impossible, it’s on heavy drugs. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

shakes violently

This be awesome, though, enjoy!


What idler do you use for phones!


i believe @YQMaoski’ski is talking about idle daddy? :thinking: ? :man_shrugging:


Just bought this 24 hour only bundle:

$1.27 USD for all of the OIK titles… :sweat_smile:

Also just bought the Capslock bundle:

I already had Epistory, not sure what the bundle would cost as a complete thing…

I wasn’t ignoring you intentionally, I assumed you had seen Gnuffi point you in the right direction already… Sorry for the slow response…

Uh-oh? What did I get myself into… I had been eyeballing this game for a while for its aesthetics… good artwork, be it pixel/blocky/realistic, as long as it’s good, I will just be drawn in without second thought…





No idea… :rofl:



Me too. This game is one of the only exceptions.

Good luck. :upside_down_face:

I saw. In my activity feed. I refuse to give you a coin for your post because of this.

walks away



I didn’t want to get on your :poop:list…

I bought the OIK games because I played Zup, the first one, thought these looked similar… I actually had quite a bit of fun with Zup, albeit short, so I thought this is a good way to spend a little over a dollar… Sorry if I did something to displease you…