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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


A bunch of steam reviews for DuckTales say exactly the opposite, that there’s a big bug that causes the game to crash every single time at the final boss and that Castle of Illusion is (optimized) much better.

In any case, I played some of the first level of both to test and both seem to run quite well. I’m keeping both cuz excited to play both these titles which bring me back to my childhood and can’t wait to have my own kids experience them too :smiley:


Castle of Illusion runs real good now, for the first half of the game. After that it feels like they gave up on fixing it.


purely, last one missing from the collection i believe
and didn’t catch it last time before it got removed, so had said to myself grab it naow/next sale incase they fck up again and it disappears


Ok, question time:

Once upon a time I signed up to help translate Steam into Portuguese. I consider myself to be qualified enough.

Their criteria for getting accepted into helping them out for free was: make x mistakes or less while translating this product page (x being a really low number like 5 or something).

I made one extra mistake because they set me to translate some really weird software (:woman_shrugging:) and I messed up.

But the EXTRA MISTAKE I made was actually calling Steam female, as in “a Steam”. Because it is a bloody online store and store is female in Portuguese – “a loja”.

Now, my fellow Brazilian sloth, let’s settle this once and for all:

  • “Steam” is female, so I call it “a Steam”, as in “a loja”
  • “Steam” is male, so I call it “o Steam”, as in “nothing ever this is stupid”

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I eagerly await your vote, @Enki.



I voted too. Our car is female too. We call it Galina.


I love you guys. :yellow_heart:


You didn’t make a mistake my dear, they are just stupid. :blush:

It’s like when developers ask translators to translate “ao pé da letra” and one of the reasons why I dislike playing games in portuguese. Translators need to have all the freedom to do their work or it will sound weird and incoherent in the end.


neither, steam is obviously an “it” :smirk:
an entity without form (proper)function or reason(ing), exists entirely in an alternate dimension with a sole purpose of consuming our universe’s wallets
much like Cthulhu, it is outside the confines of mere terms suited for grammar, being nothing and everything (terrible) all at once, aetherial like a nightmare, or just a figment of imagination. Fluid without being corporeal, -there, but without substance, formless, shapeless… mindless. Unlike The Nothing, it is still “something”, if equally horrifying, just being “It”
:thinking: :scream:


But steam is a name, a noun, you don’t say “the steam” in English. Languages that attribute genus to things easily gets confusing for outsiders but you don’t say “a Coraline” do you?


You do when you are referring to her “alts”…she has minions…she admitted it.


cute David Attenborough voice

In the wilderness… the Coraline awaits its prey. Another Coraline appears in the back, they’ll both fight for a single rabbit. The first Coraline understands the challenge posed by the other creature. Fire beings to spread around the rabbit, as it understand the danger of the situation. Suddenly, the rabbit sprints, leaping between the bushes to try and reach safety away from the Coralines. Little does it know, that they… are faster.


I’m 2 cards short now for one more level of the sale badge. Does anyone have one or two cards remaining you wouldn’t mind giving away?


Let me send them to you, which ones?

This is what I have left over:


Doesn’t much matter.
But the ones I’m missing are homeworld, lil threat and medium threat. But any 2 will do as I’ll just steamtradematch my way to a full badge.


I will send you Salien Homeworld and Lil Threat then… make it a little easier for you.


Cheers man, I appreciate it.
I wasn’t specific enough, it was the duldrum homeworld I missed. BUT as I said doesn’t matter. Got them traded in one go and now have a level 9 badge. Even got the emoticon I was missing out of it.

Thanks again @YQMaoski.


Nice! Glad to help. :smile:


Left the house for a few hours, stopped by the store to buy milk on the way home.

Ended up buying milk, yup.

And splurged on this after eyeing it for more than a year.


It’s like a ship isn’t referred to as “she” in English.

OH WAIT! :man_facepalming: