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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


I typically don’t use gender pronouns when referring to stuff.

Also, Kudos on the great steam purchases… And I have tons of extra things from the steam sale: If anyone needs something in particular we may be able to make a trade (although it will need to wait because I recently did a ‘cancel all trade request’ action, like a moron.)


Here’s what I’ve got during this sale:

I fear that by playing Doom I may end up with a metal relapse :metal:
Plus, something for my brother:

@YQMaoski the wait was worth the complete edition. You did good :wink:


Nice milk, man. Wish we had these brands of milk here in Brazil but alas, we don’t. They always told me not to over spilled milk but… I guess that day has come. :cry:

but really

I never had a console (no, not even handhelds) and I was talking to a friend yesterday, in fact, about how I could buy a PS4 later this year if I really wanted to. But I dunno. I’m too used to the Steam sales and console games tend to have a ridiculous price, at least here.

But really, nice job on getting Horizon, to me it looked great from Day 1. Maybe post something about it on our “recently played” thread at some point? Would love to hear your thoughts. :blush:


Did anyone buy Reflex Arena? I don’t want to get it unless I’m sure there’s SOMEONE out there willing to play it with me.

It looks like my purchase will consist of FaceRig + Live2D support, Of Orcs and Men (Spiders woo!), Faery? (all the nope), and the soundtrack to Deponia 1+2 (already have the 3rd one’s OST).

EDIT: Just Of Orcs and Men in the end. This is probably the least I’ve ever spent in a sale.


@YQMaoski so I tried to play the ting but I’m getting this “missing executable” error that I don’t know how to fix without doing a lot bunch of stuff, sorry :frowning_face:


Don’t worry about it. Sometimes Steam distribution packages are missing essential content, and thus does not allow you to run the program/game. You can go into the client and right click on the name of the game, go to properties and try to verify the contents on your computer with what should have been downloaded. If there are any discrepancies, your client should automatically download what is missing or improper and update the game.

If this still doesn’t work, then assume the latest distribution package has missing pieces, in which case, nobody else can play either.

This happened to me recently, there is a game that showed instant completion of download when I tried to install it. The distribution package was blank/empty.

If this occurs, you can jump on the Steam discussion forums and see how active the developers are and try to get their attention and see if there something they need to do on their end. Hopefully they are active enough to want to fix any problems that arise. But sometimes they are just not around, I have run across a couple of developers who didn’t know that there was an active discussion forum until we dug up their publisher emails and got in touch with them that way.


So roaming trou the forums I come across to the fact that the game is x64 only, so there you have it, I can’t play it for you.

On the other hand, there are people there claiming is quite good so… is up to you…
You can, of course, wait for @DanosaurJr to play it too.


Seeing it’s no longer on sale, I am not going worry about it any time soon. :slight_smile: But if I really feel like playing it at some point, I will probably just buy it, it’s not too expensive at all.





Ok so it took some time cuz there were other games to get through, but my kids finally played through this whole game while i watched (in about 7-8 sittings), and we did not encounter 1 single bug; the game runs great and we did not fall through any floor ever.

I’d also stress that the game and artistic design completely blows that of DuckTales out of the water.

Castle of Illusion is a great and beautiful game for kids; DuckTales is ok.


I guess it finally got some much needed patches then, that’s all good.


klocki(Android Version) is free on Google Play store…The only thing bad about this game is…It needs more levels. Not sure when this giveaway is over and I don’t know it it is region blocked etc.