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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


@Shalandir Pretty relaxing casual game. No timer so you proceed at your own pace. Like the music. I own a few of these type games…Like @coralinecastell, I would recommend klocki. In fact, I am looking at this bundle to get the ones I don’t have. The key word for ALL these games is RELAXING:thinking:


Alright, alright. Gimme a sec to copy and paste it.

EDIT: @YQMaoski, your wish is my command or some such nonsense.

Took me some time because I refined it some. :blush:

EDIT2: @delenn13 you’re right, it is relaxing, so I added that to my review as well!


Thumbs up given, first this time. :rofl:

You always get so many likes on your reviews, so by the time I get around to liking it, it usually has 10-15 already. :slight_smile:


Some of my annoying friends – I say this fondly – are in the habit of saying I have ‘fans’. It makes me chuckle but, really, I don’t have fans. I’ve been on steam for 6 years and I talk a lot. Someone’s bound to relate to something you have to say if you won’t shut up ever, I guess hahaha :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for that first like and for the incentive to post the review, @YQMaoski! :blush:


I have a lot of fans too!

These kinds


These kinds


Used to

This one blew up in the last lightening storm we had… RIP…


More like minions or coraline-alts.:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh no. I have been discovered!



I played the :poop: outta Hook and Lyne already (100%), and many many other puzzle games, so when I come across other puzzle games you have played that I haven’t I’m curious. :smiley:


alright, summer sale shopping all done now for me it seems, stayed within budget even, #proud :blush:

  • Redie
  • Eador. Imperium
  • Terroir
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Collection (i’m okay with y’all mocking me for wasting 3bucks on this) :smile:
  • Diluvion Fleet Edition
  • Adam’s Venture Origins
  • The Evil Within + Season Pass
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Digital Bundle (just realized it actually doesn’t come with the “expansion” dlc :man_facepalming:)
  • Keen Dreams
  • Deathspank
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne
  • Downfall
  • Call of Juarez (retail)
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (retail)
  • Lethis - Path of Progress (retail)
  • Dead Cells (retail)

all for around the price of 1 “AehAehAeh” day1 release game… not half bad i think :thinking:
#PinchingPennies :sunglasses:


Have you played:

Dawn of a soul

Really really hard, it’s killing me slowly. Wonderful art and smooth gameplay. Can be frustrating.

Blockwick 2

Puzzles have several different solutions, which helps. So you can move on by doing the basic or going for the extras and getting all achievements and things. Really long.

Evo Explorers

Short and sweet. Delightful little character and smart puzzles.

Glass Masquerade

Great art, beautiful soundtrack and overall really rounded game. Many levels to explore and different difficulties. All are on the easier side, though.


A bit of a learning curve and some levels can be difficult, but I managed to figure them all out so you can too. Also has daily levels.

Puzzle Agent

I love this series and highly recommend both games! The story is super interesting and the main character is hilarious.


Very short but so so gorgeous! The last puzzle rekt me when I played it the first time, though.

All very cheap this sale and really interesting! I recommend ((:


Guys: get these classics remastered:


I’ve played the Eador franchise (at least 1, maybe 2 of them) and was never super impressed, but perhaps some of the bugs, visual glitches, faction depth, balance, and AI smarts have been fixed in the newest iteration? I’d consider it though…

Quite tempted for $4.49, but I wanted to finish Block’hood first since they both run in the same vein. I will be buying Terroir eventually though.

Own, played, and loved. Was a ton of fun, took me back to arcade-y western-themed shooters with modern polish.

Own, not played. It’s in the RPG backlog, finishing Crashlands against first, then Pillars of Eternity…then will reconsider what else is on the RPG backlog. TBH it’s not a high priority, but I do want to play it. All RPGs are off the table though for new purchases due to time constraints and I just don’t play them as often as I used to.

This may possibly be the 4th pixel art game I enjoy and recommend…but that visual choice is such a large hurdle for me I balk even at $11.99. I genuinely dislike the art style typically, so while I may recognize a game as being good or fun (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP) it loses a ton of points for objects, landscapes, backgrounds and entire chunks of that game being initially unrecognizable due to the pixelated ambiguity of the art form. However, sometimes a pixel art game can transcend the medium by sheer gameplay alone. For me, those 3 so far that have pulled that off: FTL, You Must Build a Boat (YMBAB), and Dungeon of the Endless, each for a different reason. FTL was a space-themed strategy/adventure with great music and a fun core gameplay loop that drew you back for 1 more run, 1 more run. YMBAB was a damn good match 3 sequel to 10,000,000 that also had RPG and rhythm elements. Finally, DotE was a bastard of a game that killed me repeatedly both solo and with brothers or friends and we still loved it. It’s core gameplay is tower defense, but it involves controlling a tiny group of characters that must explore together, discover, have unique storylines with, and ultimately escape from a crashed ship. But, for every pixel game I recommend, there are 10 I toss on the trash heap so those 3 are the exceptions, not the rule. I think Dead Cells could be the next I’d highly recommend but I’ve not convinced myself I need a pixel-y metroidvania (aka difficult platformer with cool weapons and enemies) in my life right this moment. But everything I’ve seen about Dead Cells seems to be good enough to convince me to at least give it a shot.


Yeah, I can totally understand that. Gameplay wise, Odin Sphere was pretty repetitive. The art/story is what compelled me finish it. Granted, back then, I had a lot more time and a lot less games. Not sure if the game would hold my attention all the way through today. Muramasa was much better, imo.

I doubt I’ll have time to play enough of it (if any), before the sale is over, to give you a proper recommendation. I believe @Inferry has played it. Maybe he can chime in? :man_shrugging:

Like I said, I was merely looking to get rid of a couple dollars in my Steam wallet and this was one of the cheapest games on my wishlist.

The gameplay looks pretty average for a 2D hack and slash RPG. The art is what sold me… even though I’m not particularly crazy for some of the character design choices.

Is it just me or do all the girls in this game look like they've been to the same plastic surgeon?




Can’t agree more. Love both of those games. Though wasn’t Castle of Illusion supposed to be removed from the store because of a licensing issue or something?

Fun game but very challenging. I could never seem to keep Doggosaur Vineyards operational for more than ~3 years, despite producing some highly regarded bottles early on. Damn you fungal rot :rage: :weary:



On that same line of thought, may I point you to this really oddly drawn game, all you have to do is watch the trailer:


sooo, whatcha say is, i should just milk ma grapes for 3 years, and then sell the farm and dump the rot on the new owner and open up a new one over and over ? :thinking: :sunglasses: :+1:
(ps, please tell me that would actually be possible in the game :rofl:)


Decided to kinda skip this sale due to other stuff needing the hooman papers. So, I only got this drug:

and not this:


Just a lil bit… to test what it was like… long ago…

@YQMaoski To be honest with you, I didn’t even remember which one it was, but ye, considering it’s price, the game is good, is not the next Castlevania, but it’s good… on what it had back then, early access you see, but I’ll dust it off and tell you later about it if you really want.

@DanosaurJr for what I remember the game felt more like a mix of Castlevania and Megaman, if you want something closer to Odin or Muramasa try this also not so good but with some similar “aesthetics” early access one:


Ok, this is just stupid; this version of the game doesn’t give u the steam cards, u do get the original version of the game too, which is cool, but u actually have to play the original version to receive the cards (thx idle master for making me realize this), and playing the definitive version does not give u any at all

just thought some of u would like to know that too (if u have this, so u can get the cards too)


I saw this on your wishlist…erm, why? Nostalgia??


I would advice against Castle of Illusion. It ran like absolute garbage for months after launch, then when it finally got patched it still had a ton of issues. Towards the late levels you commonly fall through floor.

DuckTales is dope tho, get DuckTales!