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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


I know this is about the Steam Sale… BUT Dang it GOG!!!:scream:
An ONLY on GOG release

I have all the rest on GOG but that is a bit steep for now. Will wait it out…They just had to do that…during a Steam Sale!

And if anyone is interested…they are having a MYST Sale too. 65%

Steam also has to up their game and get Creatures…They are missing a lot of the OLDER games.


Fun fact: I didn’t buy Ankh, a kind soul from Chrono gifted it to me. :blush:


Uhhh, @Gnuffi you just sent me a gift card, I mean thank you
But why :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


don’t worry people, everything is in order!
-the spaceship is definitely not crashing into an asteroid mid-chase with the intergalactic secret service… i think



Yeah, it’s a great bundle. If I didn’t already own them all I’d definitely buy it :wink:


It seems another writer I admired has gone " Over the Rim" as Harlan Ellison died yesterday. "He wrote “The City on the Edge of Forever,” perhaps the finest episode of “Star Trek,” Is all I can say.

I knew I Owned :

But I didn’t on Steam. Today… in his honour, I rectified that. Plus, it was on sale.



I’ve got Myst on the original disc collection. Such a wonderful game! They’ll probably do a sale on it soon, so if you hold out for a bit, it should drop some (though not by a lot).


Someone gifted me Undead Development, so I’m pretty excited for this weekend. Otherwise… how’s my list looking?

I also finally tried Brut@l. Well… it kinda sucked. I love its artistic style, but man is it a dull game. Like, Necropolis-dull. I’d love to see their next game, but give this one a pass.


Had a couple of dollars left in my Steam wallet and picked up one last game:

The beautiful hand-painted artwork looks straight outta Vanillaware. This may be the closet thing we’ll get to Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade on PC.


Y’all make it sound so easy.

This is what Dark Souls III is supposed to be for me, but then I started playing Slay the Spire…

Now, I’m finding myself scrolling thru my library looking for something else to play, thinking to myself, “I should be playing Dark Souls.”


While my recommendation stands, I would also recommend against playing a game only because you feel like you should player it. That’s a good way of burning out and not wanting to play anything again.

I generally try to have a main game and one or two side titles, the main game is one which has an end to it and usually something of a more serious nature. At this moment it’s Dark Souls 3. But I don’t always have the time, energy or desire to put that kind of concentration into my gaming, at which point having something more leisurely on hand is great.

  1. Hide all your games, but Dark Souls 3.
  2. Play Dark Souls 3 to the end.
  3. Nirvana achieved :pray:

Silliness aside, this is a common issue, I’m writing a piece about this topic.


I’ve been really good about not buying anything this Summer Sale, although technically the week before it I did buy Crypt of the NecroDancer, The Talos Principle, and Invisible, Inc.

So far only played Crypt of the 3, but they are all 3 story-based games, beatable games, games with an end…so they are my only focus until done. Crypt is a lot harder than I expected but I love the music and it’s got a few rogue-y elements so some progression even if you die. I’ll be adding descriptions over in the Recently Played thread (maybe), and probably a review or 3 (if I remember).

OH! But the main reason I came here is to ask the FIVE friends from here that already own Zenge why they haven’t written a review or said anything about it! Seems like a nice, relaxing puzzle game, could @delenn13 @coralinecastell @nebula7 @User123698745 or @Reforced give 3 sentences why it’s worth not just the money but my time and attention? For the record, love puzzle games, currently just playing Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle partially because it has decent daily puzzles, and partially because I just discovered you can craft secret recipe weapons. And it’s one of the strangest mash-ups of genre+themes I’ve seen but it’s still fun.


Oi! This looks good… It hasn’t been on my radar… It’s cheap too! Do you think you will get a chance to try it in the next couple of days before the sale ends? I might pick this up myself, but I already bought too many things, so I want to give it some serious consideration first.


I played Odin Sphere on the PS2, and whilst I really tried to enjoy the game it’s one of the very few (I’m talking a handful) of games that I just had to abandon…it was incredibly repetitive and whilst it looked lovely it got old fast.

The Vagrant looks nice but it also looks very shallow…


From what I see, it looks to be continuous hack and slash. At least the pace of the game looks reasonable, from the video. But the price does seem to suggest possibly a short game, not a lot of features, etc. That’s why I asked @DanosaurJr if he would have a chance to play it.


@Shalandir of course I can talk about Zenge! The reason I didn’t review it is because I need something ‘more’, personally, than liking or disliking a game to review it. And also to feel like I have something to say that, in general, hasn’t been said already.

Here’s my take on Zenge, especially baked for you:

Frustrating, annoying and badly-designed puzzle games are the majority of what you’re going to see on Steam. I believe that producing a game that pleases both hardcore puzzlers and gamers who hardly play them is a very difficult task, simply because you’re either going to bore one group or make the other give up in frustration.

Zenge manages what only good puzzle games can do, it stays interesting, from beginning to end, without being overly frustrating or shallow. No, it’s not the hardest or the longest puzzle game you are going to see floating around (if you want one of those, and cheap, let me know and I’ll recommend you a few), but the art is gorgeous, it’s smart, well designed and, most importantly… fun! I had a great time playing it and, in my humble opinion, Zenge ended at its peak instead of doing like so many others do and dragging on for the sake of showing me new game mechanics.

As someone who enjoys and plays puzzle games all the time, I’d say this is one of the few I’d recommend without really bothering to check the profile of who I’m recommending it to. If the person is wondering if they should get Zenge, I say: do it. You’ll have a good time.

Also, if you like Zenge, in the same vein I’d recommend klocki and Hook.


I keep checking my Steam activity log waiting for this to get posted as a review…

So I can give it a thumbs up. :smile:


It’s a nice fairly short game, it’s so pretty, I kept screen shoting all the art work, the soundtrack never got annoying either.

The puzzles are pretty simple but it’s satisfying to complete them. I don’t really know what is going on in the story but I like it that way, I just made up my own.


Sometimes that’s the best part, isn’t it?

Like reading a really good novel and having a complete cast of characters, scenery, partly elaborated, but mostly imagined.

And the artwork in Zenge looks really good, that’s for sure.