Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)

i’m assuming you mean evil within+season pass? (and not something crazy like the “full full package” where i’d have to get evil with +evil within 2 etc?)


That’s right, within the DLCs you can find the true ending and some answers. I’ve liked that game quite a bit, if you’re a completionist get your butt prepared for the akumu difficulty :pray:


Now i bought Ori too:

I rly feel i need to go back to Hollow Knight (and I’m pretty sure i will), but this is a much shorter game, so i might play this first i think


That looks really good too. You really, really, really need to start playing some games through though. I can’t even concentrate on playing more than a single game at the same time so just settle down and focus on finishing something!


it’s so hard, so much to do, so little time

since i started playing Hollow Knight, i started playing (from what i remember, might be more) Path of Exile (deleted that btw, though had a good 5h in it, lol), TABS (just a fad), 12 is better than 6 (not my thing), Redout (2-3 days), Project Cars (now and then; i love it; once bought Assetto Corsa just to refund the next day cuz so user-unfriendly), Doom (not sure whether I’ll continue playing now or later, or maybe sporadically is the way to go here), Dirt Rally (just once wanted to play again, so weird how i used to be quite good [with time] but pick it up a year later and u suck big time), Quake Champions (it’s rly good and u get lots of cosmetic shit (even legendary) all the time, quite generous system), Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (took 2h to do everything, was mostly boring), Dead Cells (rly good too), and now Ori (though i haven’t actually started)


Pick one. Play it. Finish it.

Then I’m expecting a 1000 word review. :smiley:


Yeah I’d certainly say Ori is shorter than Hollow Knight, but only due to the incredible amount of stuff to do in HK not because Ori is a short quick and done game. I’d recommend sticking with a title and finishing it, but that’s just my way of playing things.

I’d also like to add that I think Ori is probably a game you really should play without any major breaks in it. The game is very movement based and what you develop the most is your skill. I could see how someone taking a break halfway into Ori and returning might find the remaining game quite hard with their muscle memories overwritten by another game.


This is what I try to do every sale. I set my mind on older games I want that weren’t in bundles Or I missed in sale etc. The newer games I try to ignore because they are too pricey for me and my survey monies. I got this last night(Thanks to @coralinecastell buying Ankh) I clicked on Ankh and it showed a bundle…checked it out…Got it!

I think one sale I only bought Portal 2 because, some how…I don’t know how…I hadn’t bought it yet.

You have to set a mindset…and stick to it…


I know this is about the Steam Sale… BUT Dang it GOG!!!:scream:
An ONLY on GOG release

I have all the rest on GOG but that is a bit steep for now. Will wait it out…They just had to do that…during a Steam Sale!

And if anyone is interested…they are having a MYST Sale too. 65%

Steam also has to up their game and get Creatures…They are missing a lot of the OLDER games.


Fun fact: I didn’t buy Ankh, a kind soul from Chrono gifted it to me. :blush:


Uhhh, @Gnuffi you just sent me a gift card, I mean thank you
But why :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


don’t worry people, everything is in order!
-the spaceship is definitely not crashing into an asteroid mid-chase with the intergalactic secret service… i think



Yeah, it’s a great bundle. If I didn’t already own them all I’d definitely buy it :wink:


It seems another writer I admired has gone " Over the Rim" as Harlan Ellison died yesterday. "He wrote “The City on the Edge of Forever,” perhaps the finest episode of “Star Trek,” Is all I can say.

I knew I Owned :

But I didn’t on Steam. Today… in his honour, I rectified that. Plus, it was on sale.



I’ve got Myst on the original disc collection. Such a wonderful game! They’ll probably do a sale on it soon, so if you hold out for a bit, it should drop some (though not by a lot).


Someone gifted me Undead Development, so I’m pretty excited for this weekend. Otherwise… how’s my list looking?

I also finally tried Brut@l. Well… it kinda sucked. I love its artistic style, but man is it a dull game. Like, Necropolis-dull. I’d love to see their next game, but give this one a pass.


Had a couple of dollars left in my Steam wallet and picked up one last game:

The beautiful hand-painted artwork looks straight outta Vanillaware. This may be the closet thing we’ll get to Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade on PC.


Y’all make it sound so easy.

This is what Dark Souls III is supposed to be for me, but then I started playing Slay the Spire…

Now, I’m finding myself scrolling thru my library looking for something else to play, thinking to myself, “I should be playing Dark Souls.”


While my recommendation stands, I would also recommend against playing a game only because you feel like you should player it. That’s a good way of burning out and not wanting to play anything again.

I generally try to have a main game and one or two side titles, the main game is one which has an end to it and usually something of a more serious nature. At this moment it’s Dark Souls 3. But I don’t always have the time, energy or desire to put that kind of concentration into my gaming, at which point having something more leisurely on hand is great.


  1. Hide all your games, but Dark Souls 3.
  2. Play Dark Souls 3 to the end.
  3. Nirvana achieved :pray:

Silliness aside, this is a common issue, I’m writing a piece about this topic.