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Steam Summer Sale 2018 - Salien Minigame


lol i just got over 4million
but the “1 round” also took freaking ages. still worth it ofc… don’t know what’s the factor for counting, but i just jumped from lvl 9 to 12, almost 13 lol


yeah, i posted when the first bosses appeared, they now give up to 4.6 million points eh

Went to play some paladins, when i got back i was level 17 (was 13 before the boss fight)


it’s a bit bummer tho, because of the lvl jump, “skipping” 11, i didn’t get the badge upgrade at lvl 11 despite being so close to 13 :confused:


It’s lagging, it’ll update, people are all jumping in, bots too :\


And people still ask if they’ll get a ban for scripting…

Funny enough, the API was also crapping out an error 17, wich means “banned” to xpaw’s script, the most commonly used… Plus the guy is friends with drunkenf00l from volvo…

They know, not only they know, but they cheat as well ahah


yea i just wanted to try one, see what it was after @DjGus mentioned (riiight before going to bed lol), maybe hoping got a special participation boss badge or something lol, not just an xp dump
did not expect it to be a 30+min battle :triumph: :confounded: -could have warned about that/those details lol :smile:

anyways, until steam fixes it (i don’t really have any hopes of retriactive fixes tho :confused:), it seems pointless to do, because the lvl skipping just means your badge don’t upgrade anyway, and don’t get any lvl up rewards, like cosmetics either,
-so if valve don’t apply retroactive rewards, i could potentially just slave away with 4 more boss battles (if lucky enough to encounter one, the bots make it difficult to predict, even with the github map), and say get rank 6, but just not “get the badge” anyway, if it might just glitch out all the way lol…


I think badges are broken cuz i just hit level 5 but my badge didnt upgrade either


I read through this after I asked that previous question…

I know you have better games on your hands than to “slave away” with Salien boss battles…

In any case… I hope they fix the bugs…


awesome, seems the bosses are totally borked right now, doesn’t even spawn, temp locking players on planets instead, -and ofc making anyone not using a 100% auto script completely waste their time trying to grab a boss for an xp boost
:man_facepalming:, well fcn done valve :clap:, nice handle on your sht show :man_facepalming:




That first badge upgrade is at level 6, next is 9. I am not playing any more, so I don’t know about the rest.


oh, apparently u need to reach level 6, lol, dont think that’s gonna happen…


Welp, the only thing worse than releasing the beasts at 2 AM in EU morning, is getting the badge leveled up and not working either…

And btw, all sorts of players, scripters and non scripters are getting the badge frozen atm…


Edit: Bonus steam thread for teh lulz

More specifically:

" after eviewing the group as well as following links, everything posted in saliens is considered a violation of valve (steam) eula agreement and is deemable to be ileagal activity, this software poses the risk of allowing not only the ability to steal the accounts from other people but as well entirely bypass the Valve Anti Cheat, and anyone skilled enough with python could easily adapt this to be used in games such as TF2, Gmod, Unturned and any game using Valve Anti cheat

i suggest personally reporting the group and the groups owner and hopeValve takes them down."


yea i saw that copypasted in r/saliens too, hilarious lol

anyone that has tried the game since the changes should be obvious that valve 100% intended this bs event game to be scripted. Even if they might not have accounted for “how much”/“the efficiency” of the bots, there is no doubt they down right aimed for it to be down the route
-if i wasn’t so grumpy by now i’d likely just submitted and gone with the auto script instead of just the clicker… but that would be like giving in to valve as i accepted or approved or even “liked” this event… which i don’t so i’ll be grumpy, do things “manually”, and deal with not getting “muh stuff” :triumph: #FucKonamiValve


Badges updated yay!


:confused: not mine yet… (hopefully in the next couple of mins then) -but at least sounds promising if it happened to some so far


Oh wait, it must have been because i leveled up…

It probably updates when you level up now… Damn


hehe would require me to get to lvl up again (without a boss that’ aint happening)
-i also suspected that the badge might lvl up “next time”, if lucky enough that whatever xp got was just right to land on the next badge unlock lvl, and not jump past it

mostly right now i’m just hoping for boss battles to get “unborked”, since, clicker game aside, was somewhat minimally okay, tho a bit dragged out
having to at times carefully use cooldown because they fck the enemies so much lol -some straight up speedy enough to just walk out of the black hole again heh


I don’t know what’s the deal with the bosses, but no other appeared since the last ones…

And it’s been a big while, so i’m thinking lots of bugs. But as EU prime time approaches, they might be coming real soon now. Hopefully


yea, hopefully
seen some speculate it might just have been a “test run”, which could make sorta sense, -again still a bit of bs since how that then once more ofc just totally would glance over “actual players”…
i just really hope they learn from this and just do better “decent” games from now on, or at the very least don’t take it further than the last (2015?) clicker, since that was at least fun to play, even manually, and didn’t reward scripts the slightest as far as i remember