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Very pretty game, overall fun JRPG, needs some polish and optimization. The price is going up after this sale, they just left alpha and has been in beta for 2 days now.


@YQMaoski Great review, but peers Why you stole my longtime wishlist game? And price going up? flubber


I am sorry Dana, didn’t meant to steal it, it looked too enticing and I couldn’t help myself to it…


I played through Van Helsing here and I would say it’s…okay. You can read my review below for my thoughts.


It’s okay. I forgives you and at least you did have some fun with it. :heart: :hugs:


Nice review! I think Diablo-style games typically see a lot of enemy respawning and expects you to run through some areas more than once to farm exp, level up, gather better equipment, etc. It’s always good to have difficulty settings I think, just gives more appeal to a wider audience to run through and see the game, sit through the story, and not have to stress too much if it’s too hard for that particular person. It’s good that it was overall enjoyable for you. :smiley:


I plopped down a review for this rather uninspiring game over the weekend.

TLDR version: It’s bland, poorly put together, frustrating as heck, and not really fun.


It’s an early access game that needs a bit of polish and additional content, but what’s there is already pretty darn good and fun:


Played a few quite fun games lately:

When The Past Was Around has a prologue that is available for free, acting as chapter 0. The main game has 5 additional chapters.

Bright Paw is a simple puzzle game available on mobile as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has simple puzzles, but the storytelling is the best part of the game. Pricing options are a little funny, as it’s 10 quid and 10 USD, and 11 Euro in price. I don’t understand, I think most people don’t. The mobile version is $5.

Stranded Sails is a slow-moving linear set of quests strung together in a survival environment and a fairly open world. There are some grindy parts, and this game is very casual, not combat heavy. The hardest parts of the combat arenas are optional, but they take some time to get through, not particularly hard though.


A couple of reviews in the last couple of weeks, one of them today:

  1. Zof is a wordless abstract puzzle game where the primary object of each of the puzzles is for you to figure out just what on earth you have to do. Once you know that and you put the clues together, none of the puzzles are very difficult. The game is separated into different levels, so most of the puzzles do not depend on each other or run into clue conflicts. Well designed, just a bit high on the price.
  1. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is a fun visual novel with some really dark and creepy aspects. It’s reasonably well written, but the story itself is short. First play through took about 3 hours, and I was taking my sweet time reading and basking in the ambience. There is enough replay value though. No voice acting and somewhat weak support character development are the major drawbacks for this game. Still plenty of fun to go through and the choices really do matter. I will be playing a few more times to see some different plot developments and endings in the future (time allowing, as always).

Great reviews as always :slight_smile:


A sentence or two about the lovely HoB !


Updated a steam review for Zenge since I played it to grab the last trading card drop:

And wrote one for Armello:


A few more reviews from me recently:

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a pretty fun beat-em-up with progression that gets the protagonist to be completely OP. It has beautiful artwork, but the story is just plain odd (not needed for the game) and the voice acting I feel actually makes the quality of the game worse. Pretty quick to run through, takes about 5 hours for its 23 or so stages. Once you get enough points to upgrade the particular styles/skills you like to use, you practically become invulnerable.

Syntherapy is a well-written and excellently voice-acted VN with many, many branching points and some 37 or so possible endings. It deals with some heavy topics as well. The game UI could use a bit more work and the developer’s working on making things flow better for people to play and replay. Currently replaying is too tedious. Planned flowchart for decision trees in the works.

Tsuro - The Game of The Path is a really cool board game I had never heard of until I played this digital adaptation. Super easy to learn and several fun game modes are in there. Would make for a good board-game session. Leaderboards are in place for single-player modes as well.

Dreadstar: The Quest for Revenge is a short arcade-style shoot-em-up with only 6 levels, and there are in-level power-ups or upgrades like others of the genre. Instead, you accumulate experience through playing and dying or warping out to use your earned levels for stat upgrades and also use your earned money to buy ship upgrades. 3 difficulties available that progressively unlock. The game also has 2 different endings. But this is an shoot-em-up fashioned similarly to the old-school arcade games, so intro is a couple of splash screens and the ending is as well. The happy ending just has a couple of extra plates.


I have my eye on Tsuro - The Game of The Path thanks to you. Looks like a lot of fun.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Oof, I have been a bit more active in reviewing last couple of weeks I guess…

Not a golf game, but has golf-esque elements about everything non-golf related that gets mashed in. Basically this is a set of mini-games, each with its own challenges. Seriously not a golf or a mini-golf game:

This one is made by the people who made Absolute Drift and it plays like it, in rally style. Also the camera follows instead of is fixed as in the previous game. Pretty fun overall, just a little pricey. Has casual modes for non-rally oriented players who just want to enjoy the artwork:

One of the best games I have played on Steam this year, for sure. I am counting it as a 2020 release even though it was on Epic a year prior. Mind-blowing and mesmerizing. Not for people who have fear of heights though, you do fall, a lot, it’s part of the gameplay:

A decent puzzle game but too much emphasis on time-dependent elements that got frustrating. I did not do the optional challenges and have no desire to do so. Not for anyone who dislike games that have a time-dependent component.

A fun game ported from mobile that is using cars to do Tony Hawk style stunts in what basically looks like a skate arena, only made for cars. Lots of cars to unlock, but not too much variety in what I saw. There are 4 arenas available and bunches of challenges. Low price makes it an easy-to-recommend game despite having low variety (not much differences in the cars and lack of more arenas):

This is the 11th iteration of this game, under yet another skin. Asset-flip to the max. Gameplay to the min!

Fun little logic puzzle game with nice variety and different elements that get gradually introduced. It’s completely turn-based, so take your time to think. Easy at first, but gets rather challenging later on. Developers plan to make more content for the game and there’s an in-game level editor, all for free! Apparently made by a friend of a friend of @Fraggles, so it got pushed into my high-priority review list. XD


The Spelunky 2 review is in, and I am glad to see so many having been taking good bites out of it. I play a little bit almost every day and by that I mean I die a few times every day…

Here’s an hour-long interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, quite interesting, but it’s only 1 hour long, with no replay value. It’s like sitting back and watching a 1-hour long animated feature that switches between animations and traditional VN aspects. No player interactions to alter the story. Nevertheless, reasonably well done.

This is an arcade-style score chasing game that’s decently fun, good for short sittings and has an internal upgrade mechanic to help you achieve higher scores over time. It would do better being a little cheaper though.

This is a quite fun and beautifully put together puzzle game. It starts off easy but gets rather difficult later on. Introduces new elements in the individual chapters and makes the puzzles more difficult. Plus you would have to think quite a bit to achieve all 3 stars for each level.

Now these others are games that I didn’t feel made the cut:

Gronions is a 3rd person/1st person platforming action game with missions, etc. It’s priced a bit too high and the content is just not exciting enough. Plus there’s some mechanics that were driving me nuts. The developer is very responsive and I have had quite a few conversations with him, and he’s made a lot of improvements, but the core gameplay is just not exciting enough to warrant a recommendation.

Letter Vetter is kind of broken and some UI decisions don’t make sense. You play as a letter vetter trying to sift through letters being sent to try to point out the ones that are suspicious–post-war England and there may be war criminals still abound. I got too bored too quickly. It wasn’t a good time.

AstroWings: Space War was kind of fun in the beginning, has some fresh mechanics for a shoot-em-up, but it became rather lackluster after the first hour. It has 22 levels, all quite short, and after level 10, I was stuck behind difficulty spikes that required in-game grinding/farming money to keep purchasing enough upgrades until I was able to get through. It got a bit too repetitive and so I stopped after coming across yet another road block:

That’s it for now, I managed to squeeze out a few extra reviews because of the Thanksgiving holidays. :slight_smile:


Your reviews are well written ,you write very good and your opinions are objetive


While I try to be informative, I am not trying to be too technical or objective. I am pretty sure my reviews would be considered subjective by most people. Nevertheless, thank you. :slight_smile:


3 new reviews in the last week +

It’s absolutely wonderful and super fun to play. This is an indie gem for sure, made by a solo dev. It’s an action platformer with roguelike elements:

The Isoland games are not too well-known but are fun. They are short point and click games with nice art and interesting puzzles. This is the latest installment:

This is just kind of blah/bland and not very fun, so just to throw it out there as a title to avoid: