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Very pretty game, overall fun JRPG, needs some polish and optimization. The price is going up after this sale, they just left alpha and has been in beta for 2 days now.


@YQMaoski Great review, but peers Why you stole my longtime wishlist game? And price going up? flubber


I am sorry Dana, didn’t meant to steal it, it looked too enticing and I couldn’t help myself to it…


I played through Van Helsing here and I would say it’s…okay. You can read my review below for my thoughts.


It’s okay. I forgives you and at least you did have some fun with it. :heart: :hugs:


Nice review! I think Diablo-style games typically see a lot of enemy respawning and expects you to run through some areas more than once to farm exp, level up, gather better equipment, etc. It’s always good to have difficulty settings I think, just gives more appeal to a wider audience to run through and see the game, sit through the story, and not have to stress too much if it’s too hard for that particular person. It’s good that it was overall enjoyable for you. :smiley:


I plopped down a review for this rather uninspiring game over the weekend.

TLDR version: It’s bland, poorly put together, frustrating as heck, and not really fun.


It’s an early access game that needs a bit of polish and additional content, but what’s there is already pretty darn good and fun: