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I’m just glad that I was able to test it on XGP so I didn’t really spend any money on it.


Few thoughts about Deep Sky Derelicts.


Having an appropriately balanced game is probably the difficulty that a lot of such games run into. I have not personally spent any time on it, because typically I tend to avoid turn-based games nowadays.


That’s the thing here, i dont. I really like both turnbased combat and deck building aspects and this one ha s both of these things though ultimately cant force myself to like it much. :frowning: And that makes me a sad sloth.


hugs :heart:

Doth suck when you feel like something will be yay! and then it’s nay. >> Sorry, mein sloth.


Few words about Project Warlock , game i’ve recently finished and really enjoyed.


I have been pretty busy lately, but took a little bit of a break, ate a snack and posted a review and am now heading back into work:

I have reviewed a few others lately too, I will just post a few games that I thought were really quite excellent games for people to try out:

If everything goes according to plan, my next review will be on this funky little exploration/platforming game:


@YQMaoski Mao, exactly wut was in that snack? peers I needs me some of that same energy.


I find that a good decadent peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread does wonders for me. The sugars from the fruit jelly/preserves coming through for an immediate supply of energy, and then the carbs from the bread slowly kicking in after, with the final push coming from the peanut butter. I always always always use a nice thick layer of PB and J on the inside… So easy to make, delicious, and keeps me going, and going, and going… :smiley:

Edit: (I actually like the King’s Singers acapella cover better than the original)


I knew we were friends for a reason. - bread exists for peanut butter and jam to maximize their potential for deliciousness and general bounce bounce mood.

Good acapella! squee Trains. :heart:


I wrote a review for Hellblade : Senua’s Sacrifice which is not going to win me any new friends i bet.


Nice review. Personally I liked the combat but didn’t bother to finish the game because of the puzzles.


This is longer than my usual review so I’d appreciate feedback.

(It’s for MO:Astray, how do I get the box?)


Interesting, not sure why it’s not working for you.

Is your link on a separate new line? Or did you let it wrap around b/c it’s too long, otherwise the link works fine when I put it in.

Good review, I should definitely check it out, b/c I enjoy a lot of variety in puzzle platformers, and having some unique platforming mechanics is always good, hopefully not annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just played this game, bought it for 90% off sale and to be honest, that’s more of an appropriate price for it. Nevertheless, I had a good time running through it:

This one looked so nice and I was really looking forward to it, until it wore thin a bit quickly:

Good job to @DontBeSilly for having a review gone viral. :smiley:


I wouldnt say it went ‘viral’ but yeah, more successful than i thought it will be. :smiley:


I looked at those awards and thought no one would possibly want to spend their hard earned coi… points on gestures like that, just seemed kind of pointless. Now I’ve even gotten a 2nd one myself and it seems I was completely wrong.

Also rather surprised to find my recommendation to still be at the top of most helpful for 90 days now. I never posted it here though, so I guess I’ll do that now.


I had an awful experience trying to play this game so maybe this can help you make better informed purchase than i did.


I wrote a little Review for Vampyr.


You had a lot of the same complaints I saw in another review. I think the grainy overlay would annoy me a lot. I have that in a game I really want to play, but I so hate looking at that effect. Old VHS wasn’t that bad, I think. :rofl: