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so yea, this happened, -i actually ended up liking Supraland enough, to make a recommendation/write a “review” :blush: *cough-and-my-first-guide

5$ was a total steal in value for me :smiley:




Here’s a new dungeon crawler that just released. It’s not a roguelike, so don’t think too much about what the title says.


This is just a terrible $1 typing game that I feel is worthless. Somehow it has 18 reviews that count for it on Steam and only 1 negative.



First typing game I remember playing was that one basketball game for Win98 I think it was. Can’t remember the name of it.

Edit: looked it up, it’s Slam Dunk Typing.


My first typing game was just a pure typing learning software. My dad loaded it onto our 286 machine running MS-DOS 3.1 at the time I think. Fortunately technology works a little better nowadays.


My first typing game was this back in '94 in school:

I was pretty good at it too and it still serves me to this day as they forced us to learn how to type blind with the machine covered


I realized that I forgot to update with some newer reviews lately:

Most recent update and game I am most excited about getting back into right now is:

Review link:

Here’s a good puzzle platformer with some challenge in the puzzles, and the game devs clearly paid a lot of attention to the fine details put into the textures of this game. There are definitely parts that are very impressively done, though as most puzzles go, it has fairly little replay value:

Review link:

This is a very simple arcade-style survival dodge-em-up that’s pretty well done. Simple smooth movements and dodge everything that comes your way!

Review link:

This is a really bizarre mixture of mental math (addition) with Tetris pieces that is meant to be partly strategic and partly luck. You can play in relaxed mode or with timed moves (this can get really stressful.) It’s a simple concept with seems to be more of an educational adventure for the younger audience, but I find myself strangely addicted to it, and trying to outdo myself. (Too bad not very many people play it, I am competing against the developer on several of the leaderboards). He’s a friendly guy too.

Review link:


I wrote a little opinion about


Put together some thoughts on this classic arcade-style Asteroids with a modern take and it’s now a roguelite with unlocks and permadeath so that every run is different. There’s a lot of busy stuff on-screen and the game is pretty fun. There are no plans to increase the price after Early Access currently, the dev has a nice roadmap in place for the rest of the year. But the current version plays smoothly and doesn’t feel like Early Access at all.

Caveat: It is not a twin-stick shooter, which is what I originally thought it to be. So you have to put that thought down and then get used to playing with the the game mechanics and the controls. I also had trouble getting my controller to work, but I did manage to play okay and had a great time.

Review link:


Game just released, and it’s a lot of fun. Perhaps too many achievements, but otherwise, bigger, livelier, and better than the original:

This is a deceptively good one-button platformer:

Another deck-building rogue-ish game in this genre that is blowing up. It’s slower paced, with some game mechanics that could use improvement, but it also offers some fresh ideas. Perhaps early access price is a little high, compared to some other games out there, but it looks promising (early access period is expected to be several months):


Well, a few looks at newer games this week. :slight_smile:

This is a cute indie (one-dev) game which involves a lot of gathering resources, crafting, survival, and expanding while doing quests, etc. Just really nice overall, but I am afraid that the price might be a little high. The game does have idling aspects as well, but you can choose to actively engage in every part, if you can keep up. :slight_smile:

Review link is here:

This is an incredible game, but I feel it’s going to be one that either you love it, or you hate it. It’s minimalist, top-down shooter/RPG, with a heavy emphasis on story. There are fast parts and slower parts. There are resource gathering and crafting parts too. You have to worry about hunger and thirst, and I usually don’t like to do that myself. But I am completely fascinated by this black, white, and red only game. I can’t wait to see more. (This is also a single-dev project.)

Review link:

This is another single-dev project, and the guy has managed to condense such an amazing looking launch build of the game game + engine into 27 MB, yes, you read that correctly. I have seen so much more space wasted for something that looks a whole lot worse. The only thing is that this game currently is only about 20% done and lasts a little over an hour. But the dev projects that the whole thing will be done within 3 months. He says that the most time-consuming thing for him was creating his game engine. Now that’s done, he will be able to put the rest of the game together rather quickly.

Review link:


@YQMaoski Whee! Can’t keep up with the thread, lol. It’s great though.

Thanks for the review on Valley. The First Person View sounds less dizzying than usual since you can see your feet. A new kind of game to try if it’s ever on 90% sale again, lol.


i don’t doubt it will be, -and at 90% off it’s a total steal imo, really gorgeous, and super interactive for a “walking simulator” :thinking:(seems like this tag gets tossed around everywhere on steam these days :smile:)


Yea, confuses me too. Walking Sim to me means games like Wick perhaps. Anything that requires a lot of combat wouldn’t. :man_shrugging: Maybe they put in the tag as in “if you like walking sims, you’ll like this”. Heh, misleading.


I actually won a copy of Eternity The Last Unicorn on its launch day. It did look very interesting - I love games where you have to play as more than one character, Never Alone, for instance.

The lore seemed deep and intriguing. Figured it’d have some Zelda like gameplay, puzzles and all, but also wondered if the combat became repetitive after a while. The streamer looked to be having fun with it. Suppose any RPG can be forgiven for having some mandatory grind sections, (Final Fantasy :stuck_out_tongue: ). Unpolished combat can get very annoying. Likely will still play it, just not in that much of a hurry now. With luck, the developers will update the game a bit. Thanks for another good review. :slight_smile:


I hope so too, there are some on-going issues with playing this one, and i hope they fix it soon. (I do want to complete the story.)


Two reviews this week. I am too busy playing Forager… lol… More like Forager is too busy playing me. Addictions, addictions… It’s like all of my free time is now time for foraging…


First up is a free to play, casual, 2d platformer with randomly generated levels. Not too much of any ways of objectives, other than Steam achievements, all doable in approximately 2.5 hours. No combat, no enemies. Does have a relaxing soundtrack, which is a paid DLC. I hear that the developer might be putting together a sequel with enemies and combat and more stuff in general. The controls take a little time getting used to, but once you do, it feels really smooth.

Review link:

Second is a review I wrote earlier this week. It’s a game that tries to copy a lot of elements of Enter the Gungeon, but has too many flaws right now. It’s kind of fun, but there’s a lot of frustrations with playing at the moment. It’s in Early Access, so I think it does have promise, and can be a really great game in the end. Who knows? I got the game for free, but I wouldn’t pay the asking price right now to play what it is at the moment. I think it just needs too much work. Promising, but wait until later, folks! (So my early access review is negative, pointing out all of the problems I have with the game right now.)

Review link:

Now back to foraging! See you around!


Nice turnbased strategy game

Here is our review


All right, it’s been a while, so time to necro the review thread. quite a few reviews from our group this month since the last update.

First is a card-battle driven game, with some nice mechanics, though is a bit too early in early access. Needs a lot of work, though good to keep an eye on for future:

Review link:

This one, though, is another card-driven RPG roguelite and it’s a lot more polished and the gameplay feels great. It contains a lot of reading:

Review link:

Here’s a simple reaction-based game that is super difficult. Go torture yourself if you wish:

Review link:

This is a non-traditional Tower Defense game, with a lot, a lot, of micromanagement:

Review link:

It’s unfortunate this game received so many negative reviews, I personally really enjoyed it, of what I saw, and also lots of value in the game.

Review link:

Also @Enki played this game to the end, so you can always ask him for more clarification on its worth. :smiley:

Here’s another deck-building roguelike, this genre is starting to get oversaturated, but this one is done pretty well:

Review link:

A change in pace is this Sci-Fi point & click adventure with meaningful decision in-game:

Review link:

This game i wasn’t sure if I would like, but ended up really enjoying it, so I hope you give it a fair shake whenever you feel a good enough deal strikes:

Review link:

Lastly, I just finished my review of the final Kingdom game earlier today:

Review link: