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Oddly enough, I take writing reviews just as seriously as if I were writing something for a class. I treat them like arguments in an essay and I get a bit frustrated when my thoughts and feelings about a game can’t be properly expressed. Unless it’s a game that is very personal to me, I just give up and post a few sentences. :confused:


i understand this sentiment,
i try to keep in the back of my mind “this is a (steam) recommendation, not a review” so often i don’t even bother with most games (even some i quite like), only 11 reviews in total (and i think half were even actually only “bothered” to be made for steam’s various season tasks)
but then when it’s a game i’m totally hooked on/passionate about, i might end up not just doing a quick few lines, but end up rambling on 3 pages o.0
i think even tho it’s on the shorter side, even my Hollow Knight recommendation with 6 (silly) lines is a bit long, -and ofc it’s dwarfed by my 500+word Grim Dawn gushing… :dizzy_face:
^and it often don’t really feels like it came out “sober” like it’s what i wanted to say or serviceable enough to others, but just a bunch of random words from a madman for people to decipher


yup, 6 lines indeed… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well that’s my chrono “recommendation”, but yup, example of ramblings in full effect :smile:
i somehow managed to keep my Steam one a bit more restrained :blush:


Another update, and we shall start with a 2D pixelated dungeon crawler roguelike that has some unique gameplay, where the rooms are player generated through your own actions. The game is super cheap, and the launch discount is 40%!!! Totally worth every penny, and not many pennies are needed to get you to play this game. I managed to buy it, play it, record a quick video, and write my review all in one go, just because I think it’s deserving of your attention! It’s a true indie gem for sure. (Don’t mind the many Chinese reviews and the lack of an English one. Well, mine’s the first in English anyway. Those reviews are mostly legit.)

Review link:

Iron Marines is next, it’s a simplified RTS made by the folks who made the Kingdom Rush series.

Review link:

Here’s an arcade style tennis game that would be good to play with multiple local players. It has some good features and could use some polish. No online-MP, which is a shame, because I could see this being so much fun. The single-player modes are sufficient for a mention still.

Review link:

Talking about arcade style games, this is a purely arcade type game, with strict time limits, easy game mechanics and many many deaths that are expected:

Review link:

Next is a light RPG, light strategy, + puzzle game with beautiful artwork:

Review link:

Lastly, I had a couple of bad days of trying new games last week, with the games that I tried being so awful that I am only going to mention them in a linked name to my review. Warning, I was not particularly kind with my words, but these games also didn’t really deserve much praise.

Narazumono – a game I would rate a 0-1/10


Spikes Are Dangerous – A game that is really quite difficult, but for the wrong reasons, in my opinion. The developer tried to argue with me why it’s worth the asking price. But for me, it’s not worth much of anything at all.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


I got sick of it just watching 1 minute of the “trailer”.


Finally, I did something extra, cuz of the steam summer sale incentive.

Review link:


Well written! The Pulitzer Gang grows stronger by the day. @DontBeSilly


I didn’t realize I hadn’t reviewed Absolute Drift yet.



My review for game Observer. Not a review i thought i will write starting the game ,but hey , things change.


Real pity - had thought it sounded like an interesting one too.


I wouldnt want to deter you from trying it if it looks interesting you. You might as well like it as i do not think it’s just plain bad.


@DontBeSilly It’s the psychedelic parts that would annoy me - it likely won’t trigger headaches or anything, but it’s something I don’t like. That and views that look like static for long patches of time.