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I think you forgot to add this, but don’t worry, i got you:


I watched the “promo” video they have on steam… it was awful.


Yeah, it’s not worth your time.


ASTRONEER’s new EULA is a blatant violation of your rights.

Don’t buy it.

Here’s my negative review – where I address not only the EULA but bad optimization, bugs and overall lack of features for these 2 years I’ve owned the game:

Snippet of their EULA:

System Era also reserves the right to monitor use of this Software at any time, and you agree not to interfere with this monitoring or with any of the access control measures or technology discussed above, or to attempt to disable or circumvent such security features. (…)

THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE. This Software may contain third party software that requires notices and/or additional terms and conditions (including, without limitation, analytics software and ad serving technologies as discussed below). Such required third party software notices and/or additional terms and conditions are located on System Era website at, and such terms are made a part of and incorporated by reference into this Agreement. (…)

ANALYTICS TOOLS AND AD SERVING TECHNOLOGY. System Era may use third party analytics software to collect information and to enhance and improve your game playing experience. The information collected is further discussed in our Privacy Policy, and it may include, among other information, your device identifiers, settings, operating system, and gameplay behaviors (for example, the date and time spent playing the Software, game scores, metrics, statistics, game content usage, advertising conversion rates, monetization rates, purchase history, and other similar information). We may also use third party ad serving software that collects information as a result of this ad serving.

With all due respect, pardon my French and all that, fuck you System Era.

Deeply regretting backing them up in Jan 2017 now. So much for believing in Early Access, right? Lessons have been learned.


Thank you, now i’m glad that i didn’t buy the game when you told me to get it. :pig:

Now if you excuse me, i’m going to delete it from my wishlist!


You were one step ahead of me, there. Dodged a bullet. Thanks for not listening to my advice! :joy:


Wow what the hell?
I wouldn’t accept that even in a free game that was open about it’s ad supported nature. You can plain forget it in a purchased piece of software. You should request a refund for this game immediately, won’t work through the automated process but explain the issues you have with the turn they’ve chosen to take this and I’m pretty sure Steam will grant it manually.


What happens if you email them and cite GDPR regulations and that you’d like to opt out?


Here’s a light but intense arcade-style dodge-em-up fun:


Pretty short review for me.


Globesweeper is a game pointed out to me by @Pylinaer, and I am sure I am not the only one who spent countless hours with the traditional Minesweeper. It’s not perfect, but it works pretty well. The grid is now a completely wrap around puzzle, so the chances of getting stuck on the edges or corners and requiring guessing is less. If you are chasing after easy achievements and you want to get 100%, I would advise you to stay away, because the Colossal maps and their associated achievements are just too difficult (for me anyway because I can’t keep my concentration up for so long–not to mention the stupid mistakes from time to time).

Review link:


Glad you enjoyed playing it. :grinning: I might pick it up sometime myself.


This is a strange and minimalist action game with timed actions and a need to think logically while doing so. It’s kind of seizure-inducing at times (and the game gives a warning on start up). There is a campaign and a bunch of challenges within that mess with its internal rules. There is an Endless mode with Steam leaderboard. The game hasn’t had much in the way of players, and I think it’s because the base game is priced a little high for such a game (since most people can use the $8 on lots of other more interesting games, especially when this one has only had a 25% sale at most so far). You all should try it if this ever gets into a bundle, which I think it probably will, since the leaderboard has a woeful 22 entries after 3+ months from launch. (I did get 16/33 achievements after 1.5 hours of play time, but the rest are perhaps a bit too difficult for me at this time. This is just a FYI for people caring about those things.)

Review link:

Gameplay video if you are interested (my first half hour of fumbling around):


It’s been a while, and the first review I have written in about 2 weeks is a game that fails at being a good 2D platformer, but the rest of the game is good. So unfortunately I had to give it a negative review because it just doesn’t work well in the genre in which it was made.

Review link:


Here’s a puzzle game you don’t see everyday, it involves rotating objects in space and shifting the perspective in order to transition to other objects. The price is a little high, especially when there is a slightly smaller iOS version that is available for much cheaper. Still fun and unique. I enjoyed my time spent with it.

Review link:

Gameplay (First look but may contain some spoilers):


PLAYNE is a meditation software that may help you in a way as it has helped me. Or perhaps you will not get into it, for one reason or another. It’s not for everyone, but it’s helping me out quite a bit:


ETHEREAL is a simplistic puzzler that has really nice and fun puzzles, it’s short overall. It is attached to the September 2018 Humble Monthly, so if you were a sub then, you should be getting you key soon!



I actually noticed that you and M00 had both been somewhat meditative lately…


I think @M00 was one who decided to try it out and found it wasn’t for him. I don’t see him as having it any longer. Or maybe it’s Steam not showing things correctly? I definitely agree with you that having achievements in this game is a bad idea though.


y i got a refund, i stated as reason that it wasn’t fun, rofl, and as comments i stated that the cake is a lie

nothing wrong with the product though (it’s not u; it’s me), but just felt like i wasn’t going to keep using it and then what was the point and might as well get $10 back. Wasn’t my intention, but not the first time it happens either.


Here’s a game that looked to have a lot of potential but it was just that–potential, unrealized:

review link:


Oooh, I get to post a review! :smiley:

I gave this one a conditional thumbs up. It’s got the core gameplay down, there’s just a few QoL things that could be added or changed.

Review Link: