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I did not, but one person did review it for us, so it’s linked to our curator page:

There’s another person who writes really good reviews that I read all of the time who also reviewed it:

Thank you so much! I will definitely keep reviewing and trying to improve my style, tone, and voice, but I definitely plan to keep writing my thoughts and ideas into my reviews.

Well, what’s in the past is in the past, keep trying to tell your side of the story in a way you know how, and that’s what anyone can ask.

If it’s bad, we can also help you improve. If you think I need to improve in some ways, please tell me too.

Steam system is definitely flawed. I like to think about whether I would tell my friends, hey, you should play this game. That is the basis of my recommendation.


So I changed the Distance review I had. Hopefully it is more informative now. I’ve left the old review in place for comparison. Let me know what you guys think.

For those that don’t want to scroll:


That’s one of the main reason I often restrain from writing reviews. Don’t want to drag a game down with my (so-o-o very subjective) opinion, but hitting the recommendation button doesn’t feel right, too…


@joxter, you misquoted me there, that was what Pylinaer had to say from an above post that I quoted.

@Pylinaer, your updated review looks good. :slight_smile: Though I have to say, I am reading your summary first and then going back to read about the gameplay. I prefer to know what your personal thoughts are first before diving into the technical gritty details about the game. You have a few other personalized opinions thrown in the body of the text from time to time, though those are the bits I gravitate to. Different things people look for, of course it’s nice to describe the game and its contents, I do think it would be better to allow those parts of the game to be presented throughout your own personalized thought process, instead of just stating here’s what the features of the games are. That’s the way I am taking my reviews as I perceive it to be a better and more informative, but less dry way to dish out information. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


The unexpected has happened. I wrote a ‘negative’ review for Machinarium.

Thanks @delenn13 for giving me the pleasure of revisiting this title. Sadly, it didn’t hold up to my memory: it brought me more frustration and bewilderment than it did charm and character.

In the grand scheme of point and click things, I can’t recommend it. :woman_shrugging:


It was in…The Humble Indie Bundle 2!
Pay-what-you-want for five awesome DRM-free games on Mac, Windows, and Linux: Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Cortex Command, and Revenge of the Titans.

I haven’t played it in a LONG time. Like 2010… The same as you. I remember enjoying the hand drawn robot world.

So maybe I should NOT play it again???


@YQMaoski I see where you are coming from. I’m going to guess this will be a thing that will take two things: Time and Effort. Something that will get better as I write more of them.




Newest review for a game that’s been in Early Access for almost a year now:

Review link:

@Pylinaer, time, effort, yes. But just make sure you are having fun doing what you want to be doing. It shows. And of course the more you do, the easier it gets. :slight_smile:

@coralinecastell, I don’t remember much about Machinarium, as it’s been a long time, but I totally understand some games not withstanding the test of time. :+1:


This game is too early in early early access…

And it’s priced too high:

Review link:


So early access they tagged it twice.


no such thing as too early when it comes to early early early early access


These are few ‘reviews’ i’ve written on steam.

Some made from only few thoughts , some a little bit longer.


Hey, I read several of your reviews (for the games that interest me) and liked many as well.

I know you didn’t ask for any feedback, but I thought I would provide some, since I really enjoyed the read!

My favorite is your Furi review. To me, reviews become truly outstanding when they speak about a player’s personal experience, something no one else could share about a game. It’s precious insight that really helps potential buyers decide whether or not to lighten their wallets for a game, because it doesn’t speak about what they expect from a game (graphics, soundtrack, narrative), but what they don’t expect (laughter, tears, frustration, memories).

That’s super important. I think you accomplished that well with your thoughts on Furi:

You are given your whole arsenal just right at the begining and you either learn to use it and overcome or you fail. I LOVE IT. It gives me that feeling after defeating boss that only Dark Souls managed to . (…) And the music. Oh the music. I’m not a big fan of electronic music, but this sort of 80’s synth-pop soundtrack just compliments everything happening on the screen so so well i cant even describe.

It really shows how much the game impacted you and how much fun it must be to play it! I think I’ll have to reconsider re-adding it to my wishlist. So thanks for your review, “it just vibrates with enthusiasm.”

I also enjoyed your reviews on Satellite Reign, Lara Croft, Vermintide and The Elder Scrolls Online! So thanks for sharing a slice of your gaming experience with us and I hope to read more from you, if the mood strikes! :hugs:


Thank you very much for checking them out! :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

And about Furi it was one of those games for me . I just felt that least i can do is spread the word out about the game because you want devs and games like these to succeed . They are not following trends and clearly does things they love to do and that’s great !


@DontBeSilly, you write some quality stuff too! Keep up the good work, and just keep having fun! :slight_smile:

By the way, too bad you didn’t like Book of Demons, which I think is rather fantastic. I totally get your gripe with the game that seems to play itself, so it’s definitely more of a casual gaming experience, but there is enough harrowing moments to know that its intended audience is everyone. Of course it’s an attempt to make a very simplified version of Diablo, and I think there is a lot of good aspects of the game as well. But to each his own, I am glad you offer good points alongside your negative review. :+1:

Here’s my newest review, it’s a roguelite with small area grid-based maps that has just entered Early Access a few days ago. The price is a bit high, but the final product will be the same price. I think it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Review link:

Wrote well over the character limit for Steam reviews again… :cry:, had to do major abridging to fit it in…


You give me too much credit :stuck_out_tongue: most of them are really scatterbrainy and just collection of few random thoughts without any real structure :smiley: but hey,thanks!

And about Book of Demons. You know i’m also sad that it didint grip me. I’ve finished it in the end just out of curiosity but for me personally it never get better. I’m almost always right about video games ( played enough of them to be able to judge what i will enjoy and what not from a mile now ) but this one somehow just flew over my head never really sticking. It’s a ashame really because i loved the presentation .


And this is a really nice board game, I think the digital version might be better than the physical–due to what I perceive as some cumbersome aspects of the physical game. The digital version flows better, and the computer does all of the counting/tallying for you. Good for my lazy mind. :smile:

Review Link:


Just threw my thoughts together for this game. It was fun for 5 minutes, then fell apart pretty quickly after that, at least in my mind. The game explores some questionable topics and made me feel like a terrible person while playing. Not really fun doing some really repetitive and tedious aspects of finishing the levels either.

review link:


I, for one, really like the title. :smiling_imp: :fire: