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Steam new Remote Play Together Feature



The one game I want to try is Chronicon, it’s an amazing game by an amazing dev and it’s nearly done with early access, was featured here at least twice.

One of the biggest let downs for people was that there was no online multiplayer. Comparing to Hero Siege, I much prefer Chronicon, it did not caught me like the latter did. Hero Siege had the advantage of online multiplayer, but now with remote play, Chronicon will be great.

Although, I’m going to wait for the feature to be released to the stable version. And my friend also wants to try it with River City Girls. :star_struck:


I was curious about that too and after a short search I found a reddit user saying this:

“I tried steam remote play together out and it’s just sharing controls with one character which I guess is nice for showing someone something by taking control”


Whaaaaat? That is SO lame!


Shall I remove it from the list then?


I don’t know if someone mentioned this already/if I heard wrong, but Steam Remote Play mandates people to allow access to another person’s desktop?

If that is the case, then that’s another discussion


No, I don’t think so, it’s game specific.

@Pylinaer and I did this for several games, and while the game is on, (he’s hosting and I am streaming) I only have input into the game, and when he quits, that’s it, there’s no access outside of the game.


Alright, then it isn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was. Thanks for clarifying.


I think any time I would tab out, it would pause the stream. Especially when shift tabbing for the steam overlay.

Plus you can lock out access to keyboard and mouse as well.


Can confirm, using the steam overlay pauses the stream. Players should only ever see the game screen, not the hosts desktop or other things. I did encounter an error when playing enter the gungeon (which continued the stream for some reason when the host minimized the window and we could see the desktop) --NOTE THIS WAS DURING THE BETA BEFORE IT WAS ROLLED OUT AS AN OFFICIAL FEATURE AND WE WERE EXPERIENCING WIERD ISSUES. in all likelihood this was fixed.