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Steam new Remote Play Together Feature



This is going to be an awesome local co-op feature. I know there are apps like Parsec but it would be cool to have this built in feature that hopefully makes playing these games a little easier. Also the Host is the only one that has to own the game. Will be in Beta in 2 weeks and will definitely check it out, too bad we will probably be done with Trine 4 by then :smile:


I wonder what the spec requirements are. Maybe @Danacscott can use this on her toaster until a new computer is obtained.


It will mostly be dependent on what game you play, most of the local co-op games we play are not that intense so I am sure the system requirement for most is not that bad.


We had an issue with Parsec with Dana, so I am not sure if this will be much different, I kind of imagine it being a built-in functionality to Steam client that may be similar. I am curious about how it turns out. I don’t think Steam would want it to exactly mimic Parsec, because that means that only one person needs to own the game and host, with others joining in.


That is what they said though, only the Host needs to own the game.


I must have not read it carefully enough… It was poor skimming on my part… :blush:

I hope it works well, in any case, would certainly allow a lot more coop games to be played reasonably…

And maybe @onLooSe can finally help me get that coop Spelunky achievement… haha…


Yeah we have trouble with Parsec as well, some days it works perfectly and others over 10 second lag which is unplayable. Would love if Steam can properly solve this issue, and it isn’t due to internet/network lag on our part as we play in the same room lol. We just enjoy playing like this occasionally when we dont want to move downstairs to the couch :smile:


It was hardware issues. Her processor was one generation too old.


Hopefully Steam has a more legacy-hardware friendly set up then.


So it might finally be possible to play Risk of Rain co-op without port forwarding? Color me interested!


It has double the surprise. Support to play online co-op without extra programs or the feature built into the game natively, as well as only the host possessing the game.

Steam just threw a pot of gold at us.


Hm… well since Parsec laughs at my lil potato’s stats, maybe … doubt though. Still suffering for hard drive space.


Also the Host is the only one that has to own the game.

I didn’t read that in the article but…

Does this mean Magicka can make a resurgence?
I only bought the base game very late and everyone had moved on already. It’s like Mario cart but you’re on the same team…but it’s still Mario cart so you still hurt each other constantly. Hahahaha.

I’m sure I can get someone to play with me if they didn’t even need to buy the game. Talk about game advertising where literal “friends” spread the game.


Magicka has quite possibly the most interesting magic system of any game I’ve played. Tons of fun. :+1:


I blew myself up once… I got the centaur I was attacking though.


I was getting very annoyed with Parsec this week so went into their Discord server and talked to one of the devs. Got us going perfectly, no more lag yay lol. The issue was I have a 240hz monitor and by default it wants to encode at the hosts display refresh rate. Dropped the encoder fps to 60 and now it works better than it ever has :slight_smile:


My friends are starting a co-op gaming club this month - this will certainly be an interesting option to explore!


It’s out for beta testing. Anyone tried yet?


I haven’t (who do I even know anymore?), but I’m interested to hear how it works. From the way they wrote it, it sounds like the friend has to be using a controller and that two keyboards/mice won’t work because “Their controllers will act as if they’re plugged directly into your computer.” I’m curious if that’s just a bad description or if it’s actually the case.


@YQMaoski @Danacscott

Do we want to try it out?