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Steam is changing its UI, again.



No update here yet for the new beta

Edit: blah sure enough after I said that I had the update lol


You should always be able to opt-out of betas. I remember trying the last beta and opting out because it was ruining custom edits I had for themes.

As for the UI change itself…no seeing how it’ll help with categories, will make them even messier looking. It is like these people don’t think at all when they design.


What the heck, I’ll try the beta. If it can impress me, fine. I doubt it, but hey.


The whats new section, recent games, library sorting, and collection sections are truely awesome. been wanting these for so many years, im excited :slight_smile:

Edit: Also I am shocked that it didn’t mess up my previous library sorting categories


Already had categories though, I’ve been using them. I have it divided by major game genre. The otther features sound neat, I just don’t like how they presented them through the UI. It is too mobile for a desktop application. The fad is getting really annoying.


yeah you could make your own categories before but you could not sort by store tags like this…sometimes I lose a co-op game into my other categories and it would get lost forever, this is amazing. Also yeah it is like a mash-up of big picture mode and normal mode.


I tried it out and I hate it… shocking I know. They seem to have removed the options for big buttons in the library, the only layout that made sense on my tv (big picture is still garbage).


why dont you like big picture? we have had no problems with it on our TV


Because I use a mouse and keyboard there too. It’s okay for controllers but feels a bit too dumbed down.


oh ok yeah we only use big picture with controllers


Okay so far, my biggest complaints:

  • You can’t make the buttons smaller. They’re god awfully huge. If you could set between small, medium and large, that would be awesome.
  • The rest of the Steam UI actually hasn’t changed, so it clashes really bad with the new changes.
  • Option for a darker theme.


New one. The option to collapse categories to the right completely, not leaving a few games to show you what’s inside. Good god. :laughing:

Those are the major complaints that I have right now.


So far love this update, easier to navigate and find workshop, discussions, store page for your games, update news and relevant information. Tag sorting and advanced sorting within those tags is amazing. My only problem so far is the flickering when there are a bunch of games on the page.


dang it is pretty dark already, how dark do you want it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t think I like the lighting on the tiles how it changes when you scroll over them, think that is what is causing this flickering for me.


That’s not dark…it’s a pale grey with a shine.


lol kk well it doesn’t blind me so I am happy, much better than the new Alienware site design my god that is so bright.


New complaint. In the old UI, when you took a screenshot, you could locate it by folder, upload it etc. Now, it simply shows up and you can preview it. To manage them, you have to go out of the way, scrolling (all the way) down to Screenshots.

They need to bring back the little window that pops up after you close a game or make it so you can manage screenshots from the post-game summary bar at the top as well.


hey guys I know it’s been 6 months but

@TR3NT can you correct the post title to “its UI,” please? It’s causing me a mild eye-twitch every time.

thanks in advance,


PS: about the new steam UI: it has no option to sort by native vs proton-compatible games on Linux, so it’s useless for me. :woman_shrugging:


That feature broke at least a few days before the beta for me. The option is still available and checked in my steam settings so I don’t think it’s been removed, just not working right now either in beta or normal mode. But you can still rather quickly get to it through the view menu up top, I too would like it to pop up as it used to though.

Sounds like an excellent thing to bring up in their feedback forum. Though it’s not an option I’ve seen myself before was it only there when running through linux?

I’m largely pleased with the beta version myself so far. I can’t say I care one way or the other about the graphical layout, could take it or leave it. The ability to search and sort your games with steam tags is a huge one for me, something I’ve wanted for years and couldn’t understand why they didn’t implement. Used to use a 3rd party site for that feature alone.

I’m also quite pleased with the ability to organize games by dragging and dropping them into “collections” now, you can even select multiple titles at once. Makes it much easier to organize instead of having to fiddle around with right click menus for each one.

Another neat little thing is sorting installed game by size on disk, it will even show you their size on the thumbnail. Makes it very easy to chase something down to uninstall if you need to clear up some space.

They should make the elements of the game page modular and possible to be shifted around. Maybe I don’t really care about which friends are playing the game and want the screenshot thing up top. Maybe allow me to hide elements I don’t care for like my review or card drops.

Having the game’s info details available on the game’s page is great too. I hope they also add the tags there. I used to go to the store page for games to check that info out, now it can be brought right up without any additional loading.

Not entirely happy with the new game count however. I kept track of my game count by the number shown in the library all games menu. This did not used to include F2P games not currently installed and some other things. Now the new count doesn’t match and I’m unsure of how many games I own and what/how to count them. I need to keep outside track in case steam decides to start sneakily remove my games, I’m sure you all understand.


hmm thats strange, mine were always included. Also any DRM free non-steam games were included in the count as well for me. Thats why I always used the profile page to see my current count.


Well here’s what I’m seeing in the beta showing only games, not tools, software or videos:
and this if I don’t group by collections. Turns out these two numbers match up though and the 140 ‘hidden’ items in this count seems to be tools, software and videos.

But my profile count is 1006
While my old library menu count was 1008
This count does not include games like Dirty bomb and Planetside 2 and many other f2p games I don’t have installed. Those games ARE there in the full list for the beta client. But if I search my library for F2P games I get 36 of them which puts me with about 10 games deficit to my old count.


Thanks @TR3NT you’re the real MVP.

@Fraggles Linux users have already mentioned the proton thing, it’s how I found out. I haven’t and won’t be installing the beta to test it because I dont have time to try out new GUIs right now, therefore my feedback is pointless.