Steam is changing its UI, again.

Update 2: Open beta is now live.

Update: It has been officially announced that the UI will go in Open Beta on Sept 17th 2019.

Original post:

Its still in closed beta and won’t hit open beta for another few months, but from the photos it looks nice in my opinion.


god, i hope they give you an option(HAH! Valve provide you with options :joy:) to keep it as it is,. By the looks of it appears like they once again favour the "endless bottomless scrolling"hell :roll_eyes:.
Personally i prefer the much more clutterless giant “empty” window i have now. Honestly that right there reminds me of why i have the blizzard launcher set to close when i open a game…
… sigh :unamused:


Do not want. Let me stick with the classic UI.


The sidebar is there, so eh.

To be honest, I feel like Steam’s UI is timeless, but I’m in a huge minority on that. I’ve seen plenty of online whiners criticize Valve’s fairly well-aged UI, and no matter what I personally think, that’s very real.

Let’s face it, everyone: if you agree with me on anything, you should be worried. It’s a sign that everyone around you disagrees.


but those added notification lights tho :confounded:
that’s gonna probably annoy the sht out of me if i have xx installed games and valve feels like i should “look at this” game, because something got an update or whatever else

i’m already driven nuts by the new chat interface not registering “i have seen the message” so it keeps popping green notifications up -when i have the f’n chat window already open right there!:triumph:

i don’t need blinking lights or notifications for every god dang thing i own in my life!, or a compilation of big giant pictures for stuff that’s just repeated over and over, “i know i own those games, you don’t bloody need to show me my complete collection -in my collection!. :angry:

No idea what this obsession with lights and flashing and images floating by, it’s like they decided to treat people like deer to be caught in headlights, or crows… “uuhhh, shiny” :star_struck:


Must say i really dont mind either way. Current one looks and works fine… this one doesnt seem to deviate that much from current placement of things so just a visual change … cant say it looks too ugly as well.


Part of me is glad I know these changes are coming but the other part of me is upset the surprise has gone. I may just have to try to forget to remember I saw this post


I don’t like it, but thanks to this post, it won’t be unexpected. I tend to ignore big flashy screens with “everything useful” on them most of the time. My mind just notes that there is a glowing messy form somewhere in the upper right corner, and I scroll\switch to the more controllable part of the screen. So it’s not like it’s going to spoil things for me, too.

Maybe this way I won’t miss updates on my favorite games from Early Access that I put on the freeze bc of the lack of content. Sometimes I forget about them completely, and only return maybe in a 4-6 months after the full release. If the new library window forces users to see updates, maybe it will be useful to me.


I guess it isn’t the worse change that could be made. But I really don’t like how much it is aping my least favorite aspects of Discord’s UI (at least on the home page).

I would like the option to tailor what shows up while on the ‘game’ page, from the Kotaku screenshots I really, really don’t like the idea of an activity feed on the page for a game.


This user gets me:


They could kill off Big Picture Mode. I’d be cool with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont get what has changed, i dont see anything different about my Steam


Exactly my viewpoint ever since I’ve started using Steam’s post. They are my games and my device, no one should be able to tell me how it should look!


I guess you’ve opted for the beta updates from the steam settings? I did that before the current chat changes rolled like last year at the same time? At first everything was a bit buggy of course.

About the changes… I can criticize design all day, but until I test it I can’t say if I will like it or not. I usually don’t like changes at first and after getting used to them I can’t go back :slight_smile:. If it’s indeed available for beta testing I will opt in again to see if it’s useful despite advertising annoyances.

Big picture mode has it’s uses when you want to play on your TV and you have a controller… I don’t see a single reason why should hinder your regular experience? Even with laptop hooked to a TV is pain in the ass to use the keyboard or the mouse to navigate in the default PC layout on your TV that’s 4-5 meters away.


@m00 and @onLooSe


He was trolling again it seems… decent conversations and useful forum experience.

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I say it is about time, but I am not talking about the looks of it, more so the features. They have needed to update the sorting feature for so dang long so this will be great. Also having all the game information on the same page will be amazing, no more clicking through a bunch of pages looking for update news etc… The ability to setup notifications for certain games should be pretty cool as well. Added features to help developers will be nice for them and hopefully lead to a better experience for us. The design does kinda look like a mashup of the current Steam UI + Uplay UI though.


who is trolling dude?

I see u guys talking about a different UI, I dont see anything different about my UI so i just say how come i dont see anything different

how the F is that trolling???
my post:

clearly indicates i dont know anything about this and merely dont see any changes; i dont even know there’s supposed to be changes or betas or whatever

i dont know anything about no beta or opting in or out of anything

dude wtf is wrong with u having such assumptions man?

thx @Fraggles for making things clear, i only saw @Gnuffi talking about things which i dont see so i was asking how come i dont see it

to make things perfectly clear, this is what made me ask how come i dont see this:

i have the annoying notifications for chat that show up even though im in the frikkin conversation, but i never noticed anything different regarding what gnuffi says above

I realize now that everything would have been clear had i read @TR3NT’s op first, but i dont have time like i used to, so i end up skimming through a lot of stuff these days and thus do not know all context about all things nowadays


On one hand, I do like the extra information, like the recent games section, and the larger box art. On the other, it’s giving me “lets just make everything out of giant fricking panels” that Epic’s launcher uses, making the ui a little overwhelming. As long as they give me the option to change back if I don’t like it, this won’t be too much of a problem.


I just want a customizable list that I can port from one computer to the next. Just a simple searcheable and easily customizable list. I want the least drain on my resources and internet. If I want to see more, I can go to the store page through my browser…