Steam Friends?


Add me!


I usually just like posts every now and then, don’t really want to enter most of the giveaways nowadays, but appreciate people doing them.

And I got addicted to borderlands and that has taken most of my time.


been there :blush: :hugs:

so, many, 'SPLOSIONS! :astonished:


Don’t be surprised when months-old posts get some hearts :heart:, or when topics get necroed. :skull_and_crossbones:

I have “too many sodding games” anyway!! :tophat:

Done! :sunglasses:





What? No more friends? :cry:


Bumping this to view!

I am pushing towards 150…:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


:thinking: isn’t it pinned, -at the top even? :wink: :smile:


Yes, but we have new people like @ohko that hasn’t made their profile available yet.

Maybe they are just busy with the giveaways. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s at the top only if you use specific categories. Since the default is for all categories in order of latest updated threads at the top, this does still get pushed down for the default view.


Yea, It says “This topic is pinned globally; it will display at the top of latest and its category”


Looking a little dead here, I will repost my link in case anyone else still wanted add

I also have a gog account I guess message to add or whatever lol


I’ve got 1 friend on Gog. Same user name there. Sent you a request on Steam.


I’ll do the same in case anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:

Added you btw :wink:


I accepted requests :slight_smile:

Yeah my gog is flurrycream


Currently on medical leave for depression. Could use some gamer friends / kind people in my life.


Done :heavy_heart_exclamation:

When get time, I will get you all on my GOG list…


Added you :slight_smile: Maybe we can play something together sometime.


Sounds fun ^^ Do you have For The King? I’m thinking of getting it since it’s one sale… Veeeery tempted


@KittiBear Sent ye a friend request. :slight_smile: