Steam Friends?


The heck are you doing here, man?!



Some get together here…Check it out!!!


Got behind again, just added you folks, @mert, @MaxThunder, and @HotaruThodt


Oh, thank you!


Wow, its such a kind Community i would love to be friends with some of you guys :slight_smile:
So feel free to add me.


I’m everywhere!


Been a while since I posted my link here, and 'tis the season to make friends, right? :slightly_smiling_face:
So here, feel free to add me:


So here’s me again. Posting… again. If any of you feel like you want to add me on steam:


I still have a buttload of Steam game keys to give away.

I am SLOWLY still working through them. If you aren’t my friend on Steam, I can’t see your wishlist. Please let me know if your nick is different on Steam so i know who you are and can add a "nickname " for you.


Here is me, if people want to add me




I like sloths are a lot…like a lot. If you can live with that idea fee free to add me as well :slight_smile:



Look out!:eyes: We got another sloth, @Enki!


hello there


look at that shiny nose ! :star_struck:
omg if it sneezes i’m ded from cuteness :heart_eyes:


I’m a bit concerned, because… what do you think will fly out of there? Candy?!




Don’t mind the mess! Take a peek!



Yay! More friends! Just added!