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Steam Friends?


Feeling bored and felt like throwing my hat back into the ring again and I wouldn’t mind meeting some new faces. You are all welcome to add me! :grin:


I’ve added this one before and I can say he certainly adds a nice splash of reddish brown to your friends list. If you find, as I did, that your list’s G section is mainly dominated by blues, whites and blacks I can strongly recommend adding Koroth.

+rep, 5/7, would add again.


Awwwwww… Thanks :grin: :hugs: :heart:


still here!

I’ve added a few people going down from where I last left off but I may very well have missed some! always feel free to add me. <3


Sent you a friend request :upside_down_face:


Already accepted :slight_smile:


It’s so nice to see so many people making friends in my “Friend Activity”.:heart_eyes::joy::star_struck::+1:t2:


Bumping my Steam ID since I haven’t in like 8 months or something silly like that.

Glad to see I at least made some lists back in July(?) though.


I might as well do that too. Been a hot minute since, January?!

Apparently i missed you back in February. Sooo… added ya.


Added you :upside_down_face:


Accepted you :ok_hand:


Me no have any :frowning:


you have a steam account?

Feel free to add any of us…


No i only have a CVS care membership and an expired bus ticket :frowning:


Well, you can always register for a free membership and since Steam gives away a lot of games for free, you could start building a collection by taking on the free games.

In addition, if you go to GOG and register, there’s a pool of games for free that you can claim and play as well.

Humble run frequent 48 hour free game deals too.

Plus we have a lot of community giveaway choices… I definitely recommend starting an account and going from there…


This was where I started when I first got into this community and it’s my first community and it has been fantastic since! I have made many friends and it’s quite staggering at how nice people can be and it doesn’t matter if your new (Like I was and would still consider myself very new still) or not. Everyone is welcomed and I certainly have felt that since I joined. It has certainly made me very happy joining this community and I don’t regret it in the least! :grin: The more people to join this community, the better! :heart:


Hi all, new around here, feel free to add me.


Welcome fellow Brit and OCUK’er.


here, feel free to friend me!
Fair warning tho—I’ve recently gotten into Steam trading, so I may randomly send you trade requests :upside_down_face:


link does not work