Steam Friends?


It’s Open Broadcaster Software, it’s open source, available for Windows/Mac/Linux. A lot of Streamers use it to stream as well.

For the most part, it records well, and I like the fact that you can choose if or not it records your mouse cursor, and also if you want other things on your screen recorded. Right now if I am playing someone messages me, I will see the message pop up, but it won’t show up in the video. Of course the “ding” sound shows up in the video, but that hardly matters.


You know me so well, @YQMaoski :yellow_heart:


Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer. For real!:rofl:


@delenn is right, why has science not been using this miracle cure. I now declare that my birthday occurs every 2 seconds, making me… the oldest living human… at roughly 379,468,800 yrs old (and counting).

Now just wait for the birthday money to start rolling in.


Which is something I tend not to do anymore. :sweat_smile: I’m one of those “You should talk to me first,” kind of people. Heh… :sweat_smile:

#660 mostly play rocket league and POE but always down to play one of my “multiple” games


Love the dog pic… Gotcha!!!:+1:t2:


So, add me on steam and we can play some games together (hopefully). I’m a no-life gamer, so it should be no problem


Done! I just lurk…and sometimes …give out games…:exploding_head:


Haven’t friended anyone for awhile now so i went through the list, to friend: @jaimyjaimy101, @bellegueule, @LiMBO, @Kirewer, @Dubbie, @terryndonita, & @MattnessLP As a warning I’m kind of a Lone Wolf gamer.


Going to bump myself back in, sending some requests feel free to add me if I miss you.


Feeling bored and felt like throwing my hat back into the ring again and I wouldn’t mind meeting some new faces. You are all welcome to add me! :grin:


I’ve added this one before and I can say he certainly adds a nice splash of reddish brown to your friends list. If you find, as I did, that your list’s G section is mainly dominated by blues, whites and blacks I can strongly recommend adding Koroth.

+rep, 5/7, would add again.


Awwwwww… Thanks :grin: :hugs: :heart:


still here!

I’ve added a few people going down from where I last left off but I may very well have missed some! always feel free to add me. <3


Sent you a friend request :upside_down_face:


Already accepted :slight_smile:


It’s so nice to see so many people making friends in my “Friend Activity”.:heart_eyes::joy::star_struck::+1:t2:


Bumping my Steam ID since I haven’t in like 8 months or something silly like that.

Glad to see I at least made some lists back in July(?) though.


I might as well do that too. Been a hot minute since, January?!

Apparently i missed you back in February. Sooo… added ya.