Steam Friends?


I meant changing the chrono name so it matches up with steam, but I got you! :grin: Can you add a nickname to steam because I don’t see other or even an option to add my nickname. Steam can be so confusing sometimes.:confused:


Koroth, I just stalked you on Steam too… :+1:


You can’t from what i see. That option if for others…



You could change it I suppose, since Steam allows you change your displayed name as often as you wish. You could put Steamname (Nickname) as your display…

But what I do is I add your chrono name as your nickname when I see your profile, it looks like this:


I am going through and adding people I missed:

So @Rartne, @cacronia, @Jason2135, @LiMBO, @Kirewer, @Dubbie, I have added all of you…

For full disclosure, I will just say that I write a lot of reviews…


Just occasionally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:


You left out the word…GOOD!


Well, I don’t judge my own reviews…

But thank you!


It’s cool :ok_hand:


Delenne13 our resident review reviewer.


Metareview… Ah excellent.


Where do a lot of you chat with each other or others? I would love to chat with you all on steam or wherever. Don’t be shy and feel free to talk to me. If steam isn’t really the place to chat, let me know of some good places cuz I don’t really get many people talking to me :pensive: You guys seem pretty friendly to me and have been very welcoming though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of it is here on these forums, honestly.

It’s how everyone learns so much about everyone else, because it’s all public information.

Of course some of us have private chat threads that start as a simple, “Here, have this key, because I have it left over, and you have it on your wishlist!” and then that grows, evolves, snowballs, and often become a much larger entity.

Some people prefer to chat on Steam, and that’s fine too. I am usually quiet on Steam, pretty much until someone talks to me as well.

I like the idea of having forum topics as subjects of conversation because it’s always going to be there, and if I happen to be inactive for a week, I can go back and play catch up. But if someone messages me on Steam and I miss it, a few days later, it’s out of the kept conversation logs, etc.

There is a Discord channel for Chrono as well, but I am a stubborn person apparently and I don’t even know how to use Discord. I haven’t tried to figure it out either. I made an account, used it once, then haven’t revisited it since. If you wish, there are some people on there too. I think a lot of the forum-goers are here and the Discord world is a whole other entity/domain…


Yeppers! You have a lot of reading to do…LOL JK

I don’t chat a lot. I do and I don’t. I have a sick husband so I can disappear in an instant and be back in 5 hrs…I chat a bit on steam but most people message me…I am not on discord…I have an account there but i hardly use…maybe for a few free games…etc…


There’s this new game coming out, maybe it doesn’t exactly fit your bill, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I think at least it’s something that @coralinecastell would really enjoy as well.

here’s a little gameplay video I made from the very beginning. (I don’t know how long this game is, but it’s pretty cool.)


Just a disclaimer for all the people that added me and might add me in the future. I’m always invisible so if you wanna chat or play just hit me up and if I reply I’m secretly online and if not I’m not, duh.

Also what’s with the Duck Game tournament?!


Duck game tournament?
Where do I sign up?


Added you and @Agzer, as you said you’d wanted to play some time.
Now let’s hope it’ll happen sometime soon, but by the way is anyone using the group chat of the Chrono Steam group? It would be ideal to spontaneously play games together. :thinking:


I usually chat on Steam and Chrono Community, as well as I have an account on Discord. My advice for you is: start a conversation too, maybe other person is waiting for someone to talk with it. :blush: :call_me_hand:t5:


I’m sure you’ve told me before, but remind me again what software you use for your videos?