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Steam Friends?


I have to say just talking to you guys brings a big smile to my face :grin: I’m not used to being in a community at all since this is my first time being a part of one and it really warms my heart and making new friends is just a plus :grin::grin: #The Feels


You just post a link to your profile on it’s own line and the forum software creates the widget for you. Although the profile you linked does not seem to exist so that makes it hard to work with.


Yeah, what @Fraggles said.
If Ive got a dollar each time I said this.

The forum embeds certain links. YouTube links are embedding the video, profile links look like what you were asking for, Steam store links embed the widget thingy and so on!

Glad you like it here so far!


I believe I’ve found you. I literally just looked up your username from your dysfunctional link in Steam and then posted your profiles link. :grin:

Hope you’ve been having a good time here so far.


Make sure you click on Other and you can “Add Nickname”. I use it to add the Chrono nick.

However, some of you change your nick more than I change underwear…so I still stay lost most the time.:scream:

Glad you are enjoying your stay, @Koroth. I have the feeling in my bones :skull_and_crossbones: that a giveaway is coming in the next few weeks…I just have this feeling…So stay around!


Already done. I mean, i usually just remember everybody’s profile pic, but i might as well be safe.

Uhhh. :open_mouth: Excitement.


That’s weird. I tried it the first time and it didn’t work. Second time I tried the link and then it worked. Weird. I wonder what I did wrong. And thanks a lot. I really appreciate that. And yes I’m having a great time. You guys are pretty great.


That’s pretty funny. And yeahhhhhh :sweat_smile: I tend to do that. And I don’t think chrono allows you to change your name once your registered.


I was referring to Steam…:heart_eyes:


I meant changing the chrono name so it matches up with steam, but I got you! :grin: Can you add a nickname to steam because I don’t see other or even an option to add my nickname. Steam can be so confusing sometimes.:confused:


Koroth, I just stalked you on Steam too… :+1:


You can’t from what i see. That option if for others…



You could change it I suppose, since Steam allows you change your displayed name as often as you wish. You could put Steamname (Nickname) as your display…

But what I do is I add your chrono name as your nickname when I see your profile, it looks like this:


I am going through and adding people I missed:

So @Rartne, @cacronia, @Jason2135, @LiMBO, @Kirewer, @Dubbie, I have added all of you…

For full disclosure, I will just say that I write a lot of reviews…


Just occasionally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:


You left out the word…GOOD!


Well, I don’t judge my own reviews…

But thank you!


It’s cool :ok_hand:


Delenne13 our resident review reviewer.


Metareview… Ah excellent.