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Steam Friends?


hi frenz


Welcome, @whatsup!:heart_eyes: Make sure you include your Steam ID/info so we can follow you…:+1:t2:

#608 in case it doesnt work just look for Kirewer with a pic of Nissan r33 with ''Hacknet Blue ‘’ wallpaper


Heck yeah more people :smiley:


Been looking for something like this for some time now so feel free to add me :v:


Same here looking for some gamer friends, I have steam and discord.


Added you both!!!:star_struck::ok_hand:t2::heart_eyes:


no problem here my profile add me if you wish


I’m new here and I’m looking for some new steam friends, feel free to add me.


All done!:heart_eyes::star_struck:


I can’t find @CptMold or @DownwardConcept.

Just saying!!!:weary:


Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce you guys to a friend of mine, @Rartne. :tada::tada::tada:

He’s currently getting sucked into the world of Kentucky Route Zero, is cultivating his own lil plants on Viridi and somehow had the wit and the patience to throw 75 hours into The Witcher. The first one.

Welcome, dude! Feel free to chat away with @xist about Bastion and share your Steam profile link if you’d like! :blush:

Oh yeah, also, yeah, we do get free games here, so stick around and grab 'em coins. :wink:


Hallo zusammen! I’m consumer of every kind of art that exists, i read a lot, see a lot of movies and heard a lot of music too, i have some accounts in those sites of voting things you saw/read/etc if anyone is interested and here is my steam account I’m mostly into avant-garde stuff, or experimental multi-platform stories, this kind of œuvres are hard to find in the videogame environment so if anyone would like to recommend me something i would be pleased; some examples of what I’m talking 'bout are “Beckett”, “Where they cremate the roadkill”, “Antichamber”, “Cypher”, “REZ Infinite”, “My name is adiction”, and so on.

I’ll chat with that dude and be sure i’ll be grabing dem coins, thanks again and a lot. :floppy_disk::floppy_disk::floppy_disk::floppy_disk:


But my ID is in my profile! Will add you unless my battery dies the next minute. :slight_smile:




:man_facepalming: Of course, why didn’t i try putting a space in? Anyway, added you @DownwardConcept.


Hallo! Wie geht’s dir?

Welcome to ChronoGG WP :hearts:


yes!! we gonna be great friends!!


I seemed to have missed a lot of folks… Anyone free free to add me too, I am too lazy to go scrolling…

I have the same name here as on Steam. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to make those borders like @Dubbie and @DownwardConcept made? It would help others find my profile easier and I certainly wouldn’t mind more people to hang out with if that helped. Thanks friends :grin: