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Steam Friends?


I just don’t find internet communities to be frightening in that way. They trained kids like me in the 90’s to be the guardians of the internet world and we all just became stoners and meme-lords. Lol. At any rate. I just like hanging out. Also put out with social media in general and the effect it has had on society at large. Sometimes something that helps to dehumanize us as we congregate can be healthier than constantly bar/venue hopping or whatever I would do. Austin and all. I’m glad to know it’s based locally and seems a good group of weirdos. I need to get a better computer before I do any online gaming. Or much. Low end stuff would work. If you see me on I’d be happy to play whatever we share in common.


That’s OK. My PC runs like a potato so you are in good company here…:heart_eyes::sunglasses:



I could use a little healthy stalking now and then maybe… At least we’re honest about it!


:point_up_2: My steam account if anyone would like to add me. I have not played many games multiplayer online so far. Usually local multiplayer with my son and roommate. But if I had friends that didn’t reside in my house it for sure could be a possibility lol.


@terryndonita, you might want to edit the “home” part out of the link… otherwise it won’t link properly.

I have added you. :slight_smile:

I don’t play much online MP either, mostly just single player games, but I like to see what other people are up to. :slight_smile:


Thanks @YQMaoski I think the link is right now.


Yup, with the Onebox function working, it definitely is correct. :slight_smile:


I am late to the party but I added ya. :+1:t2:


Thank you for adding me :grinning:


added you and a couple of others
think i’ll have to go over this post with a finer comb one of these days to see just how many of you i forgot :thinking: :smile:


Sent you an invite, Mr! (: :butterfly:




Hello and welcome! :slight_smile: Just added you as well…


Thanks to all who added me as friends :grinning: I have doubled my friends and feel so popular now :star_struck:


Friends. What does that word mean?


Friend, definition: “(alien) entity that depletes snack stockpiles”



Before I decline the invite from this random individual, I just wanted to check here to make sure it’s not someone here and I was just not aware of it:

Of course I plan to decline this very suspicious invite… How does someone who does not yet have their Steam profile set up yet add others as friends? It just seems fishy to me.

By the way, here’s the link:

If anyone recognizes it, let me know, otherwise, I will just decline it…


I’m just going to leave this here, in case anyone want to play a little, or talk or whatever im here regardless :smile:


Added you! Only 2 on Wishlist. Stick around here it will get a lot bigger. People are always endorsing/introducing old and new games. :smile: