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Steam Friends?




Welcome! :з


Was thinking…may as well put my ugly mug on here and try to adopt some more Steam friends. All requests accepted! :wink:


Hi! I added you!

Did you do this somewhere before? Since not only are we Steam friends already, you also managed to send me a game as soon as we became friends a while back… :slight_smile:


That was when I commented on a daily deal. I said I have too many games! and linked to my account :slight_smile:


Feel free to add me… AHMEDJXZ




Updated my original post but since i doubt most would see it here it is.


Added you @AHMEDJXZ


I’m new here. Seems neat. Miss the forum life kinda. I’m on steam at Jargan Scott. Hope to run into some of you. Take my video game life pretty seriously. Glad to find a nice community.

Steam buddies?


Whoa! Already Certified??? Congrats!

Is this it??? If not, I am cyberstalking someone!!!:roll_eyes:


That’s it. I’ve just got my super goofball face on.


Just added you, good thing delenn managed to find you for the rest of us. :slight_smile:


Cool! I’m happy to find some folks to fool around with online.


Hello there, i may have been forcefully thrown here by @coralinecastell before @delenn13 hahah!
Jokes aside i’m pleased to be a new member of the community and i wish everyone a good day. :wink:


I hope it’s okay I comment on this once again, because I finally got some sort of internet in my new place and would love to make more friends in this great community and play games with you (I got a few in my library, we’ll sure find something to play together sooner or later :3).
So here’s my link:


Gotcha, @NICK9X9! Welcome to the forum.:heart_eyes:

Already got you, @MattnessLP:+1:t2:


Hi @NICK9X9, and welcome! I will add you later when I am back on my computer. :grin: I haven’t logged into Steam on my phone after the last time it kicked me off…


Hey @NICK9X9 and @MattnessLP! Shot you both an invite. Username the same as here.


And I see that @jarganscott is hiding. Welcome to Chrono! :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:Did you know Chrono is in Texas?

Sorry for ambushing you on Steam. Just happened to see your nick on Stash. And since I am idling there(Reading New Player’s guide)…LOL I friended ya. I am not a stalker…or…maybe not a bad stalker…OK… I stalked…Just nnot in a BAD way! Honest!:rofl: