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Steam Friends?


Not enough baguette 7.8 / 10 - IGN


What level did you end up getting your salien to? I am going to stop at level 9. Almost there…


my actual steam alien got to lvl 12 last night, jumping 3 lvls, almost 4/really close to 13, -after a boss battle (unfortunately i can’t recommend doing those at this time, despite the massive xp gain, with how it works+and/or glitches)
but i meant more “my work is done this Salien” in regards to/with “steam friends +chronies” (just using Salien as an event/“holiday”-like name) :blush:


I just got my Salien Rank 3 badge, so I am done at level 9… I am not going for the boss battles. :slight_smile:

:clap: :clap: I saw you made lots of people happy. :slight_smile:
In any case, back to Hollow Knight for me!

Steam Summer Sale 2018 - Salien Minigame

yea despite everything it seems my devious plan turned out alright after all

yup, me too, :blush: don’t think i’ll manage to beat it “just yet”/tomorrow, but it’s coming along nicely :yum: :+1:


Hey Guys \o/, I’m a little late to introduce myself :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, but now I’m here :3 it´s a pleasure meet you guys :yellow_heart:

feel free to add me to Steam and to send me a message, I’m a bit slow but I guarantee that I always reply to messages :joy:

By the way, I wanted to thank @delenn13 , because if it were not for her, I probably still would not have realized that I had not introduced myself :yellow_heart:


I just added you, @Agetime, our Brazil representation is getting bigger!

Oooh… oooh… I have a spare key from your WL for Pony Island…, let me go dig it up for ya…


here my acc :smiley: !


Welcome! I just added you. :slight_smile:


Ditto for me!!!:smiley:


Always third (and usually right after YQMaoski and delenn) :sunglasses:



hihihi @GanbaRANGER @YQMaoski @delenn13 thnx _


Welcome :3 \o/


Hi y’all. How is going?

If you want to be my friend feel free to add me on Steam.


hey, a sheep






The farmyard animals are overtaking the forum! Wake up sheeple!


No!!! Some things were meant to remain asleep!!