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Steam Friends?


@Nateninja21 Please draw that for me so I can frame it on my wall :laughing:


Always looking for new people to gaming with so here I come:


Just added you :grin:


Added you too.:heart_eyes:


Me three! :sunglasses:


Make that one more! :wink:




I saw your signature on that profile wall there, harith. :smile:





You know it’s there! :rofl:


oof here’s me


Added you!:smiley:


Added you as well.


Me three!! :grin:

Third again! :sunglasses:


yeah why the hell not

feel free to add me to your friends list as long as you are not a bot of course ! : D


I’m still here. I’m trying to keep up with everything. Feel free to add me if I miss you on the list again.giphy%20(3)


looks like I fell behind a bit…

Just added you two: @Swishess and @nmtroeger. :slight_smile:


Feel free to add me too guys, I only have a handful of friends on steam and all my IRL friends have things like wheel barrows and forklifts instead of PC’s, If I asked them to “log in” I’d honestly expect them to present a tree branch :slight_smile:



I have a lot of friends like that too.


Thanks delenn13 you have a great day.