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Steam Friends?


I sent you an add.


Sent some invites to you lovely people I didnt have yet. Cheers~


sent ya an invite, it’s not often i see someone with more game than me


I am a master of spending too much money on games and bundles huehuehue. Feel free to hit me up, I tend to lurk in invis mode at the moment cause I’m avoiding my ex.


There are these two/three convenient little options that you can choose from toward the bottom when you look at the profile of someone who is perhaps harassing you or you don’t want to hear from at all:


Oh no worries it’s none of that. It’s just a fresh wound and I’d rather be invisible for the time being haha. But thank you


Invisible Mode would have been great a few years ago. :man_shrugging:

I may not be much of a people person but I know it can be rough going through this, so I wanted to wish you well.


Thanks bro


Time to repost my Account it seams…


Accepted your invite ^^


Sent a FR :slight_smile:


Accepted :heart:


add me too if you want to :smiley:


Added… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I have over 300 spare keys, I can’t see what is on your Wish List if you aren’t following me.


accepted i have some games on my wishlist i think you can see now i would be happy if i would get any games tbh :smiley:


Feel free to add me.

I’m gonna add myself back into here since it seems like quite a bit of people are coming to this community which is awesome.


Stumbled upon this thread.
Coolest one I’ve seen so far.


Added ye.



Added some of you. Anyway, here is my profile link if you want to:

Just one more thing: If you add, leave a comment saying where you found me.