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Steam Autumn Sale 2019



Battle Brothers is $14.99. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that low before. :hushed:


I probably won’t buy anything this time around (poor lol) but I have to mention the banner art. It’s so good.


Store front = nix. Search for a game on Google and go to the page - usually no problem. Weirdness.


Wallpapers for the various Steam Autumn Sale Awards and the storefront pixel art banner…


I got a refund notification shortly after noticing that they were out of stock. So no controller for me.


Are you US based? I wonder if I won’t get one either then.
Edit: was your refund notification via email? Or just through the bank account?


Yes, US based. Came through email via steam and PayPal.


Nice! Didn’t know that was available.
Oddly enough the banner art isn’t available in 4k despite being the easiest thing to scale up. I’m gonna do it myself later and probably use it as my desktop.


:anguished: did this happen for anyone else? @YQMaoski

RIP controllers and RIP capitalism

Guys and gals, if you have recommendations for games at around USD1.5-ish let me know I really just wanna throw my pennies at something.



At that pricepoint there’s a lot of odd little puzzle games, most of which are probably shit. There’s also this one

Ah sorry, didn’t see you already owned this one, maybe also play it then instead of buying new shit? : )

These two I grabbed from ITAD’s recommendations which looked interesting enough:


There has been no status change so far. Your controller is still being shipped to your aunt’s, as far as I am concerned…


I ordered one around the time you did but received only the confirmation email, nothing else. Might have claimed one of the last ones apparently.


Kind of want to pick up Starbound…might wait until I have enough money to buy it




Scratch that, I just checked my order status and it says “shipping status: cancelled”. Don’t know why I didn’t get an email about it but that’s kind of sucky.


Mine still says Processing, so that’s a good sign I think.


when you go to chrono to frolic happily among your friends and ask for game recommendations but they decide to chop your left arm off with brutal words RIP


The controllers I ordered switched from processing to shipping soon at some point today … so I think I will be getting the ones I ordered.


I have not bought anything from Steam this sale. The sales are very lackluster. No shiny items for me. :disappointed:

However GOG has Shiny Stuff. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: All are W/M/L except Alone in The Dark. It’s W/M. All are UNDER 2 bucks CA.


Well it’s really opposite for me. Need to constantly keep my hand off all the great deals on steam now , 4/5 of my Wishlist is on sale lol.


Ditto, lol.

I did get 2 creepy games and another 0.99 c on the Steam sale.


I’m thinking of Beyond Divinity and Divinity 2 from GOG, because: dragons. :heart: