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Steam Autumn Sale 2019


Since no one has made a thread about this yet, other than the steam nominations. I wanted to let you all know that the steam controller is massively discounted at -90% selling for 5.50€ + shipping right now.

But I supposed we could talk about any other interesting deals too, so let’s hear what you all think sounds interesting and affordable.
So if you’re actually interested, it might be worth not waiting around too long.


The Steam is freaking out. Da link is showing an error. O-o. If that price is right, it’s worth a look.


5 dollars? For a controller? I gotta see this…





It’s a good deal for a controller indeed.

However, and I have to be frank about it, it’s probably about the last controller I will use…

I bought mine at 10% off a couple of years ago… I thought it was great Steam had their own controller. I wanted in on the action and the mouse controls, etc.

I played around with it for about a month, I got used to it, but I felt that both the XBox and PS controllers were a lot better, in terms of both build quality and also the way they feel in the hand… So I switched and have used controllers from both Microsoft and Sony since.

@Buzzyboii, the shipping charge is always there when buying from Valve, after all, $5 for a controller without shipping is like them paying you to take something off their hands.

Anyway, so I have one sitting in a box, almost new, and I probably will never use it again…


Yep, that’s understandable. 13 dollars for a controller is pretty nice actually, considering that an Xbox or PS4 controller would cost upwards of 50 dollars in some cases…


I decided to pick one up, I have to pay 14.50€ for shipping but that still come down as a pretty cheap controller and my XBONE one is starting to glitch a little here or there. I’ve always been curious about trying this one out so if nothing else it’ll serve as a backup if my primary goes out.

Or to have if I some how make friends locally to play with, not likely but I suppose it could happen. : )


That’d be half of what I’d pay for an Xbox controller… Herm. Don’t even remember what it looks like and the store is down (again).


Didn’t the Xbox Elite controller have a huge batch of defect units at launch? ($150 controller, y’all)


Update: No cart for this item. So maybe I can’t even think of buying it from my location? :thinking:


Did it just not add to your cart or do you literally live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean


No but I think she lives somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean ocean.
@Danacscott the site and sale functioned flawlessly for me a few minutes ago. I don’t know and of course can’t verify your problem but it still looks on sale from my side.


My friend managed to order two a few hours ago, maybe try again?



I’ll probably pick one of these up. I’ve been meaning to get another PC controller for a while now.


Achtually… That island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They just consider it the Caribbean for some reason.


Are they out of stock? i can’t purchase it.


They did this with the Steam Link as well. They sunset their hardware by giving it out for dirt cheap, in Steam sale tradition.


I was so tempted to pick up another one but I have no use for it. Definitely worth grabbing if you don’t already have one.
It will never be the perfect controller for every game but it’s damn good for some.


Looks like they are gone.

I haven’t seen anything yet to blow my socks off. But Steam has been so wonky. Not easy to look around.


Well shipping is 21 euros for me… dang it :slight_smile: I would have liked a new controller for 5 eu.

EDIT: oh well it seems that they are out of stock anyway… i was about to say ‘fck it’ and pay some 21euros for shipping. Controller for 26 euros is still way cheaper than i would pay for Xbox One controller down here.