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Steam Autumn Sale 2019


imo, all rounder controller, priceless tool and config :love_you_gesture: well the only one of a kind


alright. someone has to say it and since I’m one of the most obnoxious people around here (second only to @Vandem of course) and I got a dank title that gives me a pass on this:

It’S nOt AuTuMn WhErE i LiVe, VaLvE

it spring

ok now that we got that off our chests:

  1. The art on the homepage is made by none other than my all-time favorite pixel artist, Waneella. She’s brilliant. Check that girl out m-hm!

Support her with your heard-earned bottle caps if you got some, yeah? I don’t got none stop judging She gets to that sweet 3k, she’s gonna start making her own game. AH MAN C’MON WE NEED THAT

Alright what else I can annoy you folks with? Oh yeh:

  1. I love the Steam controller. Been using it for 2 and a half years. AMA
  2. Anyone here got the Steam link?
  3. The deals are weak or is it just moi?
  4. Tiny side note: seriously thinking of wiping my Steam WL. :thinking:
  5. LMAO Risk of Rain 2 is still not discounted alright I’m giving up on it. flips table


Pretty much agree there, some good ones, but not many that make me jump on them…

I guess at least the thing has good longevity… That’s good to know, at least I have some backup if needed.

Good thing I bought it right at launch, managed to grab it basically for 50% off, since I had a copy for myself and another for a friend…

Got… It’s been collecting dust for a while too. I used it to play a couple of casual games on my TV from my computer, works okay I guess, nothing spectacular…


Big thanks to @Fraggles for the info on the steam controller sale. I just bought myself one yay!!! I have always wanted to try the steam controller but could never spend what they wanted for it just to try it to see if I like it. Now I can give it a shot for cheap Thank you soooooo much for posting this :grinning:


Over here it’s basically winter, I wish it was spring already.


JUST BOUGHT??? I tried and it has no button to purchase…:sob:


Looks like Valve is selling shipping fees this time around…

I tried adding to the cart a second one after a first was put in, but the button reads “Already in Cart” as if the controller is a digital game license that Steam usually tries to sell…


I went back in and ordered a second one. I was kicking myself for not doing it when I ordered the first because I had to pay for shipping again. I guess I can stop kicking myself now that I know it would of charged me for shipping twice anyway.


I bought one right before writing that. Then told the roommate and he ordered one. an hour or so later I decided a backup one would be nice and I ordered a second one. As I am writing this I checked and I still have the add to cart button. They must still have them maybe you are in a region they don’t want to ship to?


I think regions have different stock to sell. I’ve seen them as sold out all day today so EU stocks seems out, where are you buying from?


Buying from United States


For me it’s still available but for the shipping price of 21.60 euro like @DontBeSilly.
Tbh… even for 5 euro shipping price I wouldn’t have bothered with it… I feel I’m far better giving another 60 euro for DS4, 'cuz I’m exactly that happy with it for the last couple of years :slight_smile:


Valve charged tax on the controller and shipping… Lol!

I am not buying, by the way, just checking it out for New York State…

It’s NYS sales tax charged on top of the total for both the controller + shipping…


I guess they don’t think we play games in our Canadian Igloos…


You should be hunting seals and saying “sorry,” not gaming! SHM


I am not Canadian but I love this…


Steam hasn’t even opened for me for hours.

@Fraggles and @Buzzyboii , Py put ya’ll right - I’m in the Atlantic Ocean, no joke.


CK2 DLC on sale for those interested! :slight_smile:


If you bought a house-boat and lived off island you’d be even more so!

Still haven’t bought a steam controller but am debating it. I’ll give it till tomorrow and decide.


A little bit offtopic how do you make DS4 to work on PC? Some sort app?