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Steam Autumn Sale 2019


I remember DS3 had some scarlet productions driver that you download and it pretends it’s a Xbox controller.


There’s DS4windows which makes it work, I think it even enables using the trackpad now. I think it can both emulate an xbox controller or work as a DS4 with games that have input settings for it.


That is correct, both @onLooSe and I use the DS4Windows program, it’s great and lets you remap keys when you wish. Good for games that only have keyboard input as well.



Our lord and savior Gaben watches all of you intently.
He whispers “Buy more Steam controllers, they’re only $5!”


Yea, I would suggest using the DS program, it is really good. Do not use MotionJoy. Avoid it at all costs.


I got a few games in the sale portal 1&2, aragami, montaro and anodyne. If anyone wants to play any of the multiplayer stuff with me let me know.
Not gonna get that remote thing i aint paying for that crazy shipping price lol


Still no buy option.

echoes Cinema Sins: That’s r4cist!



Baba waits for you to purchase its game and suffer.
It whispers “YOU are BABA”


I went ahead and bought one. Just to try it out.


Good luck! I love the idea of the mouse on the controller. ^^ Hope you end up liking it. Dunno why I can’t buy one. T_T


Have you tried both the web browser and the app storefronts just to see?

I went ahead and pulled the trigger, I wonder how long it’ll take to arrive.


No love there either. T_T


By the by, I do have a USA address I can send the controller on to, but they won’t give me a buy option.

Any way I can contact Support and ask a question?


You can always try, just go to help>steam support and click yourself through the options. I have no idea how quickly you’ll receive an answer though.

Have you looked at any of the other hardware things steam sells to see if you have the same issue? Do you know if you were able to buy these things ever or if the problem is new for this sale?
Able to buy either of those?


“This item is currently unavailable in your region”



By the way, if anyone were curious or upset about buying the controller but the controller carrying case for $2 was sold out, it’s now back in stock.

If you were upset about not getting combined shipping, don’t worry, Valve charges shipping for each individually without combined shipping at all:

For the two:


For the carrying case:


For the controller alone:


Okay, I guess they combine shipping for $1 off, $12 for combined vs $12.99 for each individually.

But you didn’t miss out on much…

Combine the two plus sales tax on the combined items and additional tax on shipping (totally not cool), here’s what I would pay to have it shipped to my house some time in the upcoming weeks…


Granted, that’s not a ton of money for a controller + carrying case, but it’s half of a DS4 controller that I use (they are on sale right now for $40 for Black Friday online), and so I would rather get one of those instead…


is salty and jelly


btw, is the front store page working for you guys? ever since this sale started I’ve been able to access it exactly once. whenever i try to go to it in Steam itself, i just get a black page, and this is what I get in-browser:


and this has been the case every single day now


I had troubles reaching the store front through the client yesterday but browser has worked and it’s all working for me today.


yo, it wasn’t working 20 min ago, but now it is, so thx