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Steam Autumn Sale 2019


Make sure you pay attention to the System Requirements.


Eech! Yes. I’m always doing that now. New computer ain’t gonna happen until the New Year when they come down from Philly.


i got Jazz Jackrabbit 1+2 and Basingstoke on GoG too for like 90% off or something :+1:

my steam wishlist/itad notification seems rather uninteresting otherwise, at least nothing i’ve jumped the gun on or even sorta considered this time around
think i’m getting a bit “full” on games, what with humble running each month already, games i’m not getting played as is, “stuck” on current “to play list” etc etc… :grimacing:


Well I’m too late :crazy_face:
It’s out of stock! Well played Valve :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Solid choice for the few bucks you paid you got some awesome games there


also gonna get it! I’ve never played Portal and I was told I gotta play it with someone who hasn’t played it either, so lemme know if you’re looking for company.


If you do play portal 2 with someone who has played it, make sure it’s someone who wont just take the reins and just order you around. You’re going to need someone patient and also someone you’re comfortable being “dumb” in front of.

But that all pretty much goes for anyone who’s new to the game as well, if they’re able to spot the solutions quickly they’re no different from someone who already played it. So maybe actually I would recommend playing it with someone who already has played it but is willing to stand around and just find amusement in you bumbling about for a few hours. : )


So would this also be worth getting? For FPS purposes? I have Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands: Handsome, so I’m guessing that’s fodder enough?


If you have not played half life 2 it might be worth doing so just to see what all the noise is about. If you enjoy FPS gaming at all, if you don’t then why would you bother? You’re likely to find yourself disappointed if you’ve ever heard anything about how hyped up the game is.

TF2 is free to play now so I’m not sure what you’re getting from that.

Portal is where the real value here lies but you’d be better served with the portal bundle instead in my opinion.


I also haven’t done most of the co op in 2. So if you need a partner hit me up.


I don’t think I have either. If I have, I don’t really remember them anyway.

Apparently I also misplaced my Steam Sale list that I was going to recycle. Converted my wishlists into GSheets.


Well the invitation is open for anyone, as long as we can organise a time thats suits (remember I am in Australia) then i am down to play. Just send me a PM here and we’ll sort it out


@PeteMcc I adore playing with you, but we’re on exact opposite ends of the world. Perhaps it would be a teensy tinesy too hard to set up. We can try, though. :blush:

Good advice, reminds me of you and I playing The Talos Principle lmao speaking of which I still haven’t beaten that. Have you?


If I find time (being a busy pupper) i’d be happy to try playing it, can’t say id be any good lol being bad at multiplayer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Just got the same. Feels like they should offer some coupon or something since they made this big an error. Seems like it affected a lot of people.


Mine was shipped yesterday from the Netherlands. Looks like it spent the night in Denmark, the poor thing.


@Vindace Oh no. T_T

@Fraggles pets your poor controller


At least, yeah. Totally agree. Although, then again, giving you the means to spend even more money with them is kinda eh, but would be helpful if you were already planning on buying something.

Mine is to be delievered to Boston by EOD today. :blush:

Maybe your controller wants to swap places with me?


It’s nice to know they actually started shipping some of the steam controllers. I had to check on the status of my order after seeing even more people getting cancelled orders. The status on my order still says shipping soon.