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Statistics on streaks?


@gnuffi do you often encounter PEBKAC errors?


probably every time i use something with more than 3 letters or more advanced than teh spoon :wink:



So I understand what Fraggles asked but am slightly confuzzled by your reply…


it probably made more sense and fun in my head :thinking: :smile:

-spoon is simples, everything else is hardz :confounded:
ps. that caveman is using a spear as spoon :joy:


I guess we’re still good


Yeah, I’ve quit after they changed the system. On one hand I’m a creature of habit, but then again I’m lazy af.


I am still good. I think!:thinking:


It’s that time of the year again. Get in line for your checkups.:policeman:t3:


I missed a few days recently… I have no idea how or why… I think the need to click to spin daily became less urgent now that it’s just the next spin instead of keeping a streak…

I often default my browser to the community forums here instead of the main page… :thinking:

Well, I was always way behind you leaders anyway, I just checked, I am only at 230:



I was doing the same for a while and missed a few spins myself because of it hahaha thought I was the only :potato: around doing that.

I’m at 276 myself. Let’s cry in a corner together while we’re humiliated by @Truly sheer streak dedication prowess. :cry:


You shouldn’t feel bad, there’s really not a big reason to spin everyday since the last streak change.
And we still don’t know if I’ve messed up yet, I mean unless someone did the math… I sure didn’t.


I’m at 428 myself. Man, I wish somebody brought this back 8 spins ago!

Because you know what that would be…


I haven’t posted much lately but I can’t forget the most important updates! (already missed 600 somehow)
As always feel free to tell me if I’ve failed…


Well that’s a shame, looks like I’ve missed a fair few. I’m only at 695. They never should have removed the streak, that made remembering every day important. Clearly it’s been slipping my mind every now and then.


Yeah I miss actual streaks


I don’t think you did. I started 4 days late than the coins were introduced and I’m certain I missed 1 day after the streaks were removed, so I’m as well 695!

Good job though, you might be the only person that hasn’t missed a day! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am at 698. I started the second day and I missed one day camping. It was really bad weather and the wifi sux there.


I’m another member of the 695 club. :grinning:


I’m proud of my statistics


@CreatureFeet My year old posts are not meant for farming badges! Stop liking them! :triumph::face_with_monocle: