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Statistics on streaks?




I hope you got the sarcasm in that. 🥴


Not really, I’m pretty literal so thanks for clarifying.


I can be a bit thick at times haha. I figured it was better safe than sorry, I’m still pretty new here and hoping to get my 90 day steak soon! Sorry again for my confusion.


The constant notifications gets a little old. I’m sure you found every post in ever thread of the entire forum a riveting read well worth your like mark, but yeah.


Is there an etiquette I’m unaware of? That’s what happens when they have badges to unlock. As far as I see it’s a win for everyone involved but if I’m being a ‘Pest’ then I guess I’ll just like the topics with like 5 posts in it even though it’s inconvenient.



@CreatureFeet dude, don’t worry about it, just grandpa here being grumpy again

let me go look up some old fraggles posts…



No, it’s understandable. Most people went through and ‘like spammed’ their way to the few badges that involves the likes. That’s usually over and done with in a day or two though, you’ve been at it for like two weeks now.

Is there a badge I’m unaware of that requires this commitment?
Which one are you aiming at?

I think you’ve already spammed your way through the backlog.


using 50 likes a day for i dont know how long…

y, 50 likes for 20 days dude: crazy in love


What’s fun for me is I never run out of love. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Wow, that’s a terrible badge.
Who thought that was a good idea?

Ah well, carry on then.


Yeah that one, I don’t just spam for fun.


Well I’m almost done so you won’t have to worry about it from me for much longer…

Ill just stop posting here all together, thanks


Double posting is however something that, at least on forums of old, used to be considered a breach of etiquette though. Just edit your post if you find you have something more to say.

Quoting something to make clear who you’re replying to is a useful tool to create a post that replies to multiple people.


Hey, everything OK? I hope you stick around.

Not sure if this helps you in any way towards getting your badge, but feel free to like my posts if you want to or something. I don’t really mind as I only glance at the likes notifications and don’t really go after them to investigate what was liked or anything.

Anyways, I think the Crazy in Love badge could do some reworking, either on the “50” side or the “20” side. I do love my sweet badge and no one complained when I was trying to get it, but I can understand why it would be annoying.

Maybe this is something worth summoning the mods over?

Anyways, have a nice day and a :pig:, @CreatureFeet, and don’t forget to wash your feet before you go to bed plis or you’ll kill the children thank you. :hugs:


I’d say liking every post under the sun IS the etiquette here, to be honest.

For shallow folk like me, the showering of likes is a pleasant surprise and gives me an excuse to read through old posts, so it’s all good in my book.


I don’t mind either. In fact, I have looked back at a few to refresh my memory.


Since this seems to be the unofficial apologies for doing things that probably don’t breach forum etiquette but are certainly annoying…

I apologize I am going through and necro’ing a bunch of conversations. I was on vacation and am now trying to catch up. And I can’t help but want to throw my 2 cents into the ring.


Don’t apologize for doing something. Apologize for not doing it MORE.


y, u should apologize for not loving Metal Gear Survive MORE.