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Statistics on streaks?


I wonder how many people that started on day 1 are still going. I mean some of them must’ve given up, right? You got me, I just wanna hear if I’m number 1 or not. :smiley:

My Streak
Road to recovery ...Finally recovered from a great lose
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My Streak
Hope its cool to publish my streak here
Hope its cool to publish my streak here
Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend

Take a screenshot of your boasting it or it doesn’t exist! :wink:

Nah, JK, just share it and see if it compares with others? I am certain, you are number one though. This Gif doesn’t lie.


Doesn’t get more official than that! Here’s a screenshot anyway. :smiley:

The Longest's coming!!

Well, you certainly have me beat, I am currently on Day 28. I did have a 6 day streak going before this one but I missed a day out of my own stupidity.

Here is my effort. I feel like I’m standing in the men’s room, in the middle urinal with a guy either side of me being a clear foot taller than I am. Ashamed.

(I said taller, you dirty minded people.)


Got me beat by a day.

My screen shot is here in this thread.

(It’s Saturday; too lazy to repost the screen shot…LOL)



only 44 here too buhuuu :sob: (but to be fair thats since “day 1” got announced to me 2 days late)


Thanks for the reminder. But I try harder…


and we have a contender (“eye of the tiger” starts playing)


My new nemesis!


Wait does that make me the bad guy now? If so…


Missed a few starting days, I’m at 42 as of now.


No! We are gonna need this song!




Same. At least we know the answer to the life universe and everything at this moment (and only for today)



Or this SONG!!!


I’m on 45 days as well, I wasn’t sure if I was here on day 1 or not.
Is 45 the max streak today?


I believe that 46 is the max streak today:

This is mine by the way


I’m at 46 days today. I’m looking at my calendar and trying to predict the day where I’ll either forget, or get too busy to collect coins. I just know I’ll break my streak any day now. I’m counting on DownwardConcept to carry that torch for as long as possible. But we do have PeteMcc and creeperjedi as insurance as well, so good to know there are several people with streaks starting from Day 1.

Also, it’s very amusing seeing so many GIFs and videos posted for emphasis.