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Statistics on streaks?


even if the streaks are gone, i’d just like to say i’m still streaking!
-with entourage in tow :oncoming_police_car:, since apparently it’s some sort of violation? :thinking: :smile:


385 spins now and counting.


It’s still a streak, but more merciful on those who missed a day like me. I’m at 379 spins because I broke the streak 2 or 3 times and was late to the party by a few days. :ok_hand:


331 spins, sadly i’ve skipped some days


Since streaks are gone for whatever reason we’re gonna have to keep track ourselves.
Have I messed up? Have you? Let’s find out.:ok_hand:t4:


Yeah I’m at 400 today as well. There was a day a week or so ago where I wasn’t sure if I had forgotten or not, but it seems I’m alright.


395 :cry:


399 :frowning:


I will never catch up! :sob:



And I will never catch up to you… Curse you Xeno!


400 here, I could’ve sworn I missed a day or two. I’m freaking out.


Well I mean you might’ve. We could have all slept through a day or 2. I guess we’ll never know, I’m not gonna do the basic math.


No, no, no. Streaks died with me! I took 'em to my streakless grave! You can’t spin streaks! You spin beyblades!


Don’t cry Maoski. It’s not when you started that counts. What matters is how long you are able to keep it up :+1:

Same for you antman.

p.s. At least you guys aren’t stuck at 399, knowing you will forever be just one day short.

I pity those 399 fools.



thought i’d thoroughly necro this with the question, (even tho we aren’t keeping track anymore), has anyone “broken” their streak since the system update?, or are people still checking in everyday without accidentally missing one under the new more lax terms?

oh, and ps; aren’t we having fun :face_with_raised_eyebrow::

:thinking: :smile:


I almost posted here earlier… I finally snapped my streak yesterday.

What happened was that I went to try to get my spin right at the time the page refreshed yesterday, but it was showing me the deal from the day before in the usual “this deal expired 10 minutes ago” business, but it wouldn’t let me get the coins yet. Then I totally forgot until the deal refreshed again today… So that was too late… Good thing it didn’t matter so much anymore. I am only a few spins away from the next legendary chest… :grin::scream::sweat_smile:




omg i need to lie down now, that’s even worse that CptMold’s original dizzy icon :dizzy_face: :laughing:


Still going strong I believe.


#ProudChronies :+1:
(dang, thought we had a coin-like emote in the discourse parlor)