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Statistics on streaks?


I think I know what’s going on here, the kids complain about being ill so they can skip school so when you threaten them with butt garlic they’re suddenly feeling just fine and eager to attend their studies.


hahaha, no man, I’m talking for real, lol, as soon as u apply it, u start sweating and yr nose becomes clear; it’s a bit uncomfortable and I haven’t done it myself in years cuz i actually dislike it, lol, but it does work

usually the onion thing is enough to get the kids better too, just try it out

u guys r rly funny btw, freaking out cuz it’s something u dont know about


No, garlic does have known and well documented antiseptic qualities. It is part of folk remedies from all over for a good reason. Most people just eat it or possibly use it as a salve ingredient though, there really is no need to sodomise your children with it.


so when u give them a suppository, which basically has the same size, shape, and function, do u also call that sodomy?


Not if it is necessary.


this is also only done when necessary; instead of giving them crap from the pharmacy that just causes all kinds of other health issues, it is a natural suppository, which doesn’t hurt nor harms, and it just comes out later when they go to the bathroom…


I am pretty sure putting garlic up the rear end will hurt… Probably no real harms, unless they are allergic to garlic…


it doesn’t hurt, just use a small clove, oiled with olive oil, goes in the same as a suppository, and as I’ve said, I’ve done this myself several times before applying it to my kids, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it to them ever

so u guess it would hurt, while I know it doesn’t…


I guess you haven’t used these…



hahaha omg are those even real


They are called Elephant Garlic, that was on the Wiki page, but we have planted those and eaten those before, they really do get that big…


and as u can read here:

Rectal forms are one of the oldest pharmaceutical dosage forms as their origin goes back to antiquity.


I totally agree with you that rectal/suppository medicines are good to use in children. I am not against this at all. I just don’t necessarily agree with using garlic because it’s so strong and may cause burns/pains.

Besides, I like eating garlic, so I would just take it from the top…:rofl:


I understand yr concern, but the thing is, u only peel the clove (and u use very small ones, lol), u don’t open it, and as i can tell u from experience, no pains, no burns (i guess that could happen if u cut it open maybe), and u can be sure that if the kids had experienced any pains or burns, they would have voiced that too


This is why I love this community. A simple joke can lead to dozens of posts debating the merits of putting garlic up your butt :joy:


Personally I think I would rather have the cold but I am willing to give this a shot if I come across a time where being sick is not an option


y, the same goes for me, but like I said, just leaving a freshly cut open onion in your bedroom overnight can do wonders too; I don’t like doing that either though cuz the smell rly annoys me, lol, but it does work, and it’s a good solution for the kids too.


I made it into the Hall of Streaks. Woooooo :tada:


Is there really a Hall of Streak ? If so where is it ?