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Statistics on streaks?


My belated birthday:


You may have lost your streak, but at least you have your health… oh wait, nevermind.

Hope you feel better soon! :heart:

Here is a virtual bowl of chicken soup, made from an old Chrono family recipe :wink:


Btw, have you tried this ↓ @harith is a very wise cow.


it’s true, lol


It is a cold…

I have garlic paste in the fridge, I imagine that absorbs faster and therefore I get better faster, right?

Though I am mostly better today, just some stragglers stuck in my sinuses.

Hmm…to put garlic up my butt or not?!?

PS Thanks for all the well wishes everyone, it is just a cold, though I don’t get over them as fast as I use to. I think I got it because we were at a hotel for a work conference and when they had the air conditioner on it was freezing, people were shivering, then they would turn it off and the room would get really warm so they would turn it back on. All day on, off, on, off rather than just putting it at a decent temperature. One of the ladies said we would all get sick now, but I didn’t think that was actually possible, like an old wives tale but here I am, down a hundred tissues.


Watchu say?

Who will get it?..


She was right…

Although, it’s nothing to do with the hot cold cycle of air-conditioning.

If you are subjected to cold and wet for an extended period of time it suppresses your immune system, meaning you are more susceptible to catching, well anything, but chilly in the air conditioning is not even remotely enough to cause that, or bodies are much to fantastic for that.

What is far more likely is you spent time in an enclosed space with a group of people, who are very likely carriers of a serotype of cold virus that you had yet to be exposed to, even more likely if you don’t spend time with these people usually and they traveled from far and wide.

On top of that, air-conditioning is a great vector for transmission by liberally spreading the air (droplet / atomised infection) around.

So, when I said she was right, what I meant was, you attended a conference - so you are going to get sick.

The old wives tale came from the fact that colds are the most common viral infection, especially around winter time, which is primarily when people get cold and wet, especially historically when travel was on foot unless you were rich and waterproofing wasn’t a thing, coupled with poor nutrition which is also a contributing factor to a poor immune system.

It’s a classic case of correlation leading to incorrect causality that is still believed my many today.

As for the garlic…


@nebula7 not garlic paste, lol wtf, just a clove, as is, peeled, with some olive oil to make it easier, lol. Srsly though, u do that, u feel the effects within seconds, and u can get better straight away.


assuming this is true, who tries these things? Who comes up with the idea of attempting to put garlic near your butt? Come to think of it maybe someone was trying to scare a vampire away butt…other than that…not something that I would ever think of and I probably do few stupid things (I mean who doesn’t …right?..right?)


It is true, this is part of old natural medicine. I’ve tested it myself and have applied it to my kids, and it works. If a child has a cold, u do it when they go to bed, and 80% of the time they wake up cured. Something that also works, and is a lot less intrusive, is to simply cut an onion in half and leave it in your room, or the sick child’s room, throughout the night. Test it and see for yourself.


Where do u think modern medicine got the idea for suppositories from???


and also importantly to remember:
set the sauna to no higher than 62 degrees Celsius, and rest there for 14½ hours
-and to periodically refresh your rosemary oil
then after the sauna, you really want that hard sear, of UV light from the tanning booth, so set to high, but only a few minutes on each side

when “done”, compliment with a serving of fragrant rice with fried onions, broccoli and roasted peppers

bon appetit , :thinking: i mean, uhm, -good health get well

:joy: :laughing: :rofl:

“nebula7 -done sous-vide style”


Harith the cow; a legendary creature part of the chrono mythos, this gentle being will visit sick kids at night to leave an onion cut in half, mortal enemy of trolls, always carries a string of garlic just in case.


I first read this as “vampire butt”. I just don’t know…some days…


I think I already had it but I was fighting it fine, the air conditioning just tipped me over the edge because it came on really fast, too fast for incubation time and I was a bit tired and sneezy a few days before but it makes me feel better to blame it on work.


srsly that would make a great badge though, lol

or like “the legendary cow”


I don’t have any other garlic on hand, you gonna make me go down to the market just to get garlic?

Sticking garlic up your own butt I get, people are always putting weird things in their butts, but what genius figured out putting ginger up a horses butt was a good idea.

@Gnuffi I don’t have any rosemary but I do have some thyme in the fridge, will that do?


lol wtf

not rly lol once i realized how terrible that actually is


22 More posts here and rip this thread.


Good catch!