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Statistics on streaks?


Urgh… But at least it’s leet o’clock :sunglasses::sweat_smile:


14 tabs? Chill!




mines not GOOD but I’ve not really missed many legendary streaks. 1 or two just before I got them normally >.> but I’ve kept it up every day except a few, thats why I have a crappy streak but still have legendaries xD so if you lose your streak don’t lose the buzz just go back and keep doing it!


Why bother with the maths? Just go to your coin log and scroll all the way down and see when you first claimed a coin, then count your days to today and that’s your possible max.


very good point…

ah it only goes back the past 60 days.

I’ve been here more than that it only goes back to 03/08/2017


it doesn’t only go back 60 days, mine goes back to the start of the very first coin i clicked, March 10th… (i was a day late, doh! :confounded:)
3/08/2017 = march 8th 2017 (start date of the coin thingy), remember it’s US weirdo date blasphemy format



mine says “PAST 60 DAYS”

I wouldn’t have said it otherwise xD


Yeah I saw it too, which is weird because it doesn’t show 60 days in collapsed form or in full transaction mode. So that’s just wrong on every level.


oh… well doesn’t that make things confusing AF xD

at least that cleared it up, as I was scrolling I thought I counted more than 60 xD


Reminds me when I recently opened Chrome in my mother’s phone and stumbled upon 44 tabs. :ok_hand::joy:

they remained open for at least two years…


This is really nothing compared to a lot of you guys, but I am proud of it!


You say, "It’s your Birthday…It’s MY Birthday too, Yeah! :birthday:


Do I win a prize for longest streak broken?

I’m surprised I haven’t broken it before now, some days I got to the site sure I had skipped a day only to see it still going but I knew for sure I broke it yesterday, I’ve been sick and spent most of the day sleeping but I’m not as bummed as I thought I would be.

Commence with pressing F


So sorry. Hope you feel better.

My only advice is to …


Wow…that’s got to be a tough screen to see. Hope you feel better soon and phantom hug to make up for the broken streak.


Hope you feel better soon! And it’s reassuring to hear about the second part. Let that mental fortitude carry you through your illness too!





My condolences.
You’re so memeable tho, I couldn’t resist.

I hope you get emotionally and physically better soon ^^

Here’s some dog-mermaids to help with that.

Stay hydrated :sparkling_heart: ~