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Statistics on streaks?


Wot? No one beats Kanna, fite me


secret weapon to pacify Kanna; "K.O.!!! (gnome wins) -fite over"


That won’t stop her, only get her appetite up. She’ll eat anything.


you don’t say, :thinking::



what show is this from?


Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid
One of the best slice of life animes of recent years. In fact I think I’m going to go rewatch it today.


Yeah it’s definitely a good. I’ve loved that artist for years, he makes good (not very safe) stuff on pixiv too.


Happy new coinyear, you coin collectin‘ mothertruckers! 365 days, lezzz goo!


Yoo it’s been a long time coming… I mean a year to be exact.


Congrats @Truly!


Happy coiniversary everyone.




That can count as a life goal achievement I guess.


I was kinda hoping to get a special badge or something… :C


I want a fancy emote title like @dusty :ok_hand:t4:

@YQMaoski Thanks!


290 days if i didn’t miss last March 4th & May 21st i would of been closer to 365.


Throwing my birthday hat in there too.


Happy birthday everybody!!

I pledge allegiance to thee: @GarbageFox, @narzin & @Truly


Sheesh, I gotta upload a screenshot soon or else I‘ll get ignored entirely. #NarcissismIntensifies


I’ll give y’all eleven more months, 30 days, 23:59 hours and 59 seconds to live…
Enjoy your last 365 streak