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Statistics on streaks?


Thank you for taking the time to write that, it’s an incredibly interesting and touching account that many of us would never have experienced ourselves. Many of us native English speakers are incredibly lazy with the usage of the language, and it’s almost disrespectful to treat it that way when it’s the only one we have. I only wish I’d have taken more interest in other languages when I was at school. It’s almost embarrassing how lazy us Brits are when it comes to trying to communicate…


Similar experience for me, although slightly earlier in life. I was dropped into school at the age of 4 where the only person that could speak my language was the teacher and really, not particularly well. I remember just being surrounded by this noise of words and not knowing what anything was. My parents were learning to speak the language at night school and every evening at dinner they would quiz my sister and I on what we had learned that day at school. It was actually quite surreal now I think about it.

Interestingly, the problems only came to light when I switched to a school in my native tongue, and I had real difficulty spelling anything, the assumption was that I was trying to use the sounds and spellings from my second language. Which was probably the case. However it masked the fact that I’m dyslexic, and so struggled all through school until finally being diagnosed when I was 17.

Being brought up bilingual is still awesome though and I wouldn’t swap it.

Uh… more hijacking, sorry (not sorry) :slight_smile:


Hey, @DownwardConcept, I understood that! I’m trying to learn German. And improve my Spanish! So…

Ich heisse Carmela. Du bist Deutsch, aber ich komme aus der Brasilien.

I hope this is correct! Also, really cool seeing you around here, old friend. Hope you’re doing splendid!

@xist I’m billigual, darling of mine. So technically speaking, it is not my second language since I’ve got native proficiency… I guess. I certainly don’t think of it as second in any case, since I speak English since a tender 3 years of age. So yeah! My brain is wired differently and all that stuff people go on and on about.

Fun fact: first thing as I said as a baby was a sentence: “kiwi acabou,” which means “there is no more kiwi” --much more complex in Eng than the Pt sentence.

I’m not sure, but apparently the vast majority of fat babies are supposed to go


but my brain just went:


Says a lot about me.

One last thing before I stop hijacking them threads to hell and back:

@YQMaoski you are one hell of a cool person with like the whole wearing-shades-against-the-explosion-in-the-background-in-a-dramatic-slow-mo-walk-with-epic-track-playing) thing going on. Or maybe just slaying 10-headed beasts with a silver sword and saving the world.

It brings me joy that people just randomly mention this. It really does. nudges @xist

(ps should we create a topic about this stuff i would if i weren’t so lazy/busy)

EDIT: Hey guys look at that loser @coralinecastell girl who for a second thought “kiwi” was “kiwii” for no reason whatsoever har har har (seriously my brain is condensed kiwi jam)


It was apparent the moment we first chatted…you are a very special kiwi monster. :yum:


I just imagined a wonderful topic, fav fictional character ships and some chronies every now and then.

I have your wedding bookmarked btw :joy::joy:

moar ships pls (That would be my kiwi (?))

Edit: It’s funny bc I was just talking to a friend that always pokes fun at me bc my ships never happen I always “bet for the wrong horse” he says ahgsdkasdg It’s true.


Cut the article in front of Brasil and you‘re good to go! You could use it for emphasis, I suppose, but then it would be „aus dem (or diesem) Brasilien“.

„The Brasil in South America?“
„Yeah, from that Brasil.“

Can‘t fathom why you‘d want to learn German, though.

I‘m doing as good as circumstances allow it. Glad to see you‘ve successfully infiltrated the community already. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: Brasil looks weird. Is it Brazil?
Edit: Yes, it is. Sorry for my bad anglais.


Brasil is probably from habit of local/portuguese lettering
and Brazil is the “incorrect”, -correct anglicisation of the name/word, probably

(“anglofication” always has to mess with stuff :smile:, just look at the aluminium battle between US-UK alone :laughing:)

ich bin böse und knalle mit die tür :joy: classic! (this joke is a little bit more fun for danes in their early german classes)
-all jokes aside, i’ve probably forgotten 99.9% of my school german :wink: (but i still remember that one)


That still means you speak more German than I do Danish!


“Du bist Deutsch” is also not correct.
You use “Deutsch” as an adjective, so it has to be written in lower case.
“Du bist deutsch” => “You are german"
or you could use it as a noun
"Du bist ein Deutscher” (masculine) => “You are a german”
“Du bist eine Deutsche” (feminine) => “You are a german”

The full sentence:
“Ich heiße Carmela. Du bist ein Deutscher, aber ich komme aus Brasilien” (masculine)
“Ich heiße Carmela. Du bist eine Deutsche, aber ich komme aus Brasilien” (feminine)
“Ich heiße Carmela. Du bist ein/e Deutsche/r, aber ich komme aus Brasilien” (neutral aka. political correct :upside_down_face:)
=> “My name is Carmela. You are a german, but I am from brazil”

“Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” :sweat_smile:

Random german quote @discobot Zitat


:left_speech_bubble: Das Leben ist wie eine Schachtel Pralinen. Man weiß nie, was man kriegt. — Forrest Gump


Forrest Gump. Classic German movie!

@User123698745 Then I‘ve been wrong, too! I‘m confused now. In English you capitalize it, I think hope. That mistake must‘ve come from something.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Yeah, I think you are right. So now I wrote “german” (the englisch version) wrong :see_no_evil:


Oooh thanks so much for the explanation! I completely forgot about the female/male thing.

As for Brazil/Brasil yeah I have no idea why I typed it as “Brasil”.

Fun fact: sometimes I’ll be AT COLLEGE, IN BRAZIL, WRITING AN IMPORTANT PAPER WITH A PEN and I’ll write “Brazil”, because I’m a stupid swine. Then my teachers be like “da hell’s wrong with you girl?”

Oh well.

Cool on your for explaining me about the lower case on the adjective there. This always gets me because in BraZil, “Saturday” is “sábado” (lowercase) and I always bloody forget and write it in uppercase as well. Then we’ve got German (uppercase) with its capitalized nouns and… uuuugh my brain can’t take all this nonsense HAHA

Also, I should probably have gone with:

“Ich heiße Carmela. Ich komme aus Brasilien, aber du kommst aus Deutschland."

That way I don’t have to worry about female/male and it’s all kept in the same structure – countries rather than nationalities!

Fun fact 2: my father’s American, he studied Philosophy in Yale because he’s a refined dude. He had to learn German there or something or other. Fact of the matter is, he only remembers TWO THINGS in German:

  1. Wo ist der Bahnhof?

  2. Du bist ein größten schweinehund.

Because my dad has #priorities.

Thanks, @Gnuffi, @DownwardConcept and @User123698745 for the cool explanations and insights! You guys definitely aren’t the biggest swine dogs. :slight_smile:

(also on the other thread we’re talking about books and Disney voice overs on different languages, have you guys ever heard “Be Prepared” in German? It’s bloody amazing.)


Almost a year !


Congrats on getting 360 day streak.


Damn you! I was about to post that!


Keep up the good work! That’s some nice streaking!


Just because…:exploding_head:

Now, back to work!


automatic insta-win legendary: 360-scope-gnome

(also beats any form Blue Eyes White dragon, Arceus or Egyptian God like a baws)