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Statistics on streaks?


I’d just like to point out that I am in constant awe of you and all the other Chronites who speak/write in fluent English, despite it being a second language. There would be absolutely no way to distinguish that you, or Gnuffi, or Fraggles or DownwardConcept or Harith or anyone else isn’t a native English speaker, and I doff my cap to your combined excellence.


Seriously, I hate it when people write fluently and then say ‘sorry for my bad english’

My reaction is just :astonished:

English is my first and only language and sometimes I don’t even express myself that well

ESL people, stop making me feel bad :wink:


yo, who told you I’m not a native speaker?


I have never met an English speaking cow…

…was also trying to name regulars…apologies If I’ve offended.


ya don’t have english speaking cows ?
but yer have english teaching aliens !? :thinking:

(dang, Muzzy makes me sorta nostalgic for my english class as a kid :joy:)


hahaha, but “moo” is an English word, so all cows speak English, in fact :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was just messing with you man, I am indeed not a native, though I did learn English at a tender age and have taught English in international schools and language institutes for 5 years (in an Arab country, though I only have a high school diploma, so it doesn’t rly count, it’s not like I’m a “real” teacher). I now work as a proofreader/editor (since about 5 years too).

I was mostly wondering what gave it away actually, lol


Swedish cows says “Mu”, they don’t even speak cow English.


Off the top of my head possibly it’s the way you’ve phrased certain things in the past…nothing in particular, and obviously the fact that I apologised indicates that I wasn’t sure. Nevertheless your English is excellent.


My guess is you’re french, due to how upset you got about me saying the french don’t make a lot of games.


thx man, so is yours :wink:


My English is almost as bad as my typing.:roll_eyes:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Do they marry like @xist and @coralinecastell? It’s a serious question tho, pls answer If you remember, I was just curious but I watched trough and now I’m invested.


I was kinda sad that the queen trait It’s just fat but when the king points at her and calls her fat she chuckles like… It’s a trait, like everyone else’s. The green dude sucks even with a good trait and she does all the work, so for “Strong” pick the bloody plum man It’s like right there!! (And she carried the huge basket, collected the fruit…)

The king is an utter ass man wouldn’t surprise me If he tries to mess Xis… eeeh Bob and Silvia eeaaanyway I got carried away…


i honestly can’t remember anything from that lesson show :joy: -other than Muzzy eats clocks :rofl:
it’s been like 20+ years since i’ve watched it :smile:
(merely did a quick google and luckily found a working vid link) -tho finding it sorta did peak my interest for a trip down 3rd grade memory lane, -might watch it later :laughing:


I am not a native speaker, but I sure feel like one. I also learned English at an early age, around 10 yrs old. So I can speak/read/write Chinese at around a 10 year old level. So I feel like a complete child lost for words at times speaking Chinese. Expressing myself in English is much easier for me.


I’m struggling to articulate what I think about this sentence…I’m guessing most of us single language speaking illiterates are incredibly envious of even feeling like a child speaking another language.


@xist, you can be at a loss for words, too? Truly, there’s a first for everything.

I do have to say that while having this ability now is very useful and often comes in handy, it was quite a struggle initially.

Imaging being 10 years of age and being in a school where everyone else spoke a different language from you. There is nobody else that can communicate with you effectively. Imaging being drilled on English(whatever new language it may be) before and after school for 2-3 hours per day by your parents, who are also non-native speakers. For me it was about 6-8 months later when I tried to speak with a couple of other kids in school, and was completely misunderstood, perhaps due to my accent at the time, or my nervousness of lack of force behind my attempts at annunciation. (Who knows, perhaps I actually used incorrect words–but I remember trying to say something and nobody could understand me.) It was frustrating being unable to communicate.

I really did feel at times very depressed as a child, I think partly secondary to the inability to communicate for such a long time. In addition, every language is laced with idiomatic expressions that appear frequently. I still hear phrases from time to time that I have to really scratch my head at–since it is the only thing I can do. Fortunately, I have built up my vocabulary, my vernacular, and my repertoire of English idioms fairly well at this time. But I cannot recount all of the embarrassing moments in my learning process when I tried to use a word or phrase only to find out, much later, just how inappropriate the usage was. The best lesson from all of this was to rid myself of any pretense of knowing, and just to ask away when something is unclear. Fortunately this lesson still serves me well to this day. It has saved me from much misunderstanding from recent years, but I think I was already in my college years, or perhaps even after, when I started to really embrace this concept.

I have more thoughts on the subject, but in light of having completely hijacked this thread, I will try to bring us back on topic. I am proud to say that I have yet to miss a day since starting up my streak almost 3 months ago, hope to keep it strong! :slight_smile:


Könnt ihr bitte Deutsch sprechen? Ich versteh‘ kein Wort. Deutschland, Numero Uno!


und nicht Numero Dos


Cows go boe (pronounced boo) in Dutch. So they are either speaking English as a second language and haven’t got it quite right or we just have scarier cows!