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Statistics on streaks?


I don’t even want to check my other chests…


it’s not much but it’s a round number :slightly_smiling_face:
happened today, noticed by chance, as I don’t check everyday…



today was the first time I reached a 30 day streak.

yeah. I know.

(I was so excited)


Congrats @coralinecastell


lol, just got my 11th in a row :sunglasses:



THANK YOU, @Animosity and all those who liked my post and therefore motivated me.

As for you, @Enki… I thank these people but you…

jk dear that video was actually pretty funny and I have saved it to use it as a come back when you least expect it evil laugh let the games begin


They are congratulating you for minor achievements, as for I was hoping for you to achieve higher than that because I believe in you. But I’m not mad, if you wanna thank them instead that’s fine! I’M NOT GONNA CRY OVER IT ALRIGHT?!

jk too, bring it on!! “evilier” laugh


hey @coralinecastell
i just got my first 30 streak not long ago. i know how it feels lol… well, on to the next journey now!

i havent even bought anything yet. was hoping for another good game to pop up into the store


I got my first 186 days streak :thinking::joy:


I just got 335, can’t wait 30 more days.
Imagine if we get something for an entire year? Like a ticket to redeem any 1 game we want from the coin shop :heart_eyes:


“on to the next journey now!”


cause like

i tots

did nots






growing strong



“a billion and 1 days”… that’s amazing!

You started your streak 2.7 million years ago!


i feel that is photoshoped…


Man, you‘re onto somehing there. Need some more analysis just to be sure, though.


A haiku just for you:

Eternal fire burns.
Its flames come from none other
than this billion-year shell.

(I’m trying to practice haiku for no other reason than it being a time consuming and bad Idea. I bet if @xist came around he’d whip my ass with fine haiku while I lay down on the floor and weep for ages.)

(Btw since when is “billion” only ONE syllable? I mean I’m not a native English speaker so one of the things I think is strongly bs is how the whole syllable business is handled. Regardless, I think this haiku website is lying to my face.)


I am pretty sure Billion is two syllables… I think that site is messing with your mind!


oh noes I’m destined to be a failure at haiku

i fail at haiku
so much so that i ask please
end my suffering


Void lies within me
Darkness enfolds silently
I dream of escape


“Dear diary, today I found out I’m clairvoyant…”