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Statistics on streaks?


tomorrow will be 240.



wow, u guys here with 300 streaks lol.
sorry i’m asking this again but what kind of daily coins u get at 300 days?

i’m 5 days away from my first ever 30 day streak lol…


chrono hasn’t changed the system yet, so, so far it’s the same “daily+monthly” payout whether you’re going 30 days or 300 days :wink:

only “benefit” of our 300 streaks are those high flashy numbers
*bling bling :sparkles: is all
(well maybe, depending on what/how/if that leaderboard maybe comes along one day lol)


thanks, i think 365 days deserve like 10k coins lol, or 20k



Nah, I want a hand-written cerificate and @lonin has to kiss it with lipstick on. :kiss::kiss::kiss:


what if it’s bbq sauce or gravy instead?


I don‘t want my cerificate to mold a month later, when it took a year to get. Duh.


The end is nigh, bois n gurls! 35 more days.



fixed it for ya *cough cough :wink:



I will miss your jelly posts when I ascend to coinhalla, Gnuffster. :C


on my tombstone it shall say

-“forever 1 day late”



Keep them streaks alive !


(Don’t ask how I know this song :worried: )


Just saying…


How do you know this song?




I think this is the part where he also says…“If I told you, I would have to kill you.”:roll_eyes:


Thought I managed to get the lowest legendary chest roll ever this time around.
But then I scrolled down a bit to check my earlier results and no.